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The secret of youth from Christie Brinkley

Every woman dreams in her sixty years to look at least ten years younger. This woman, whose name is cry brinkly, managed to do even more.

When most women say goodbye to their dreams and hopes of becoming chic, it looks twice as young as their own Of the passport age. This incredible lady has a slim figure, a pretty face with fine wrinkles and beautiful Thick hair. And she is full of strength and self-confident.

Like every woman, she has secrets that she is ready to share.

Crink brinkley

Career career began in the early seventies of the last century, when it accidentally noticed a famous French photographer. The girl was born and grew up in the United States and did not plan Career model.

A beautiful woman came to Europe to finish her studies. Photographer persuaded Christie to take a few pictures, which subsequently became interested in the owner of a large model agency in France.

After that her photos began to appear in theGlamorous magazines. Currently, Kresty is not only working as a model, but also engaged in writing, photography, design and singing. She also spends a lot of time with the children she has three.

Crink brinkley

Secrets of youth from crink brinkley

  1. Do not think about age.
    The age in the passport should not have anything to do with how old you are feeling. Do not pay attention to the numbers.
  2. Spend time with children.
    This woman was able to combine career and family. But Kresty always put the family in the first place. She does everything possible to be with her family always.
  3. Crink brinkley

  4. sport - is life.
    Sport is a real passion of passion. After classes she feels healthy and energetic. Kristi does every day up to a hundred push-ups, engaged in fitness or practicing yoga and often runs in the morning.

    Also the model loves to engage in extreme sports, which not every young man will dare.

  5. If you really want, then you can.
    Kristi is a vegetarian. In its diet from thirteen years only fruits, vegetables and dairy products enter. Perhaps this is the secret of its success. But Brinkley believes that you do not need to severely restrict yourself.

    Kristi admits that he loves pasta and seafood very much and can sometimes afford them.

  6. Crink brinkley

  7. Do not pay much attention to the size of clothes.
    Kristi says that her weight is not constant. In her wardrobe there are pants from 40 to 44 sizes, but she does not worry about it. Brinkley believes that there are no ideal women.

    You just need to choose the right clothes, which will emphasize all the advantages and hide the shortcomings.

  8. Wear appropriate.
    Kristi is an adorable figure, but she does not allow herself very open clothes. She believes that the mother of three adult children should not wear vulgar things.

This woman is amazing and cheerful. Take her advice on weapons, perhaps they will change your life.

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