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A poem for the development of diction

Literate and Clear speech Is a weighty advantage of the educatedA man, through which he can not only easily make new friends, but also to achieve success in the work, because people are always pleased to deal with educated people. Only a bad diction can completely ruin the first impression of you. So it needs to be developed and trained.

Good diction Implies a clear utterance of all sounds, correctly set stress, no problems with articulation.

"so simple!" Has prepared for you a poem that will help develop a good diction.

How to develop diction

How to develop diction

Storm from the shore

Overturned, tilted
Angry whiteheads became angry.
Down cast, upwardly tossed,
They disintegrated and weaved themselves from the dawn to the dawn.
Snakes shuddering, snakes squealing,
What a dance, what kind of a fairy tale did you start in the dark?
Blurred way, sprayed,
You shut down, shielded all the fairways to the ground.
Darkness sucking girdled,
Swept away, lost in the ocean ships,
With an unrestrained throw,
Water, fire, they were enticed into the abyss.
What are you deceiving? Is not it impetuous?
Bends, twists of long-drawn bodies?
And you do not slow down
Caressing the intoxicating, leading to an unexplored limit?

Author: valerii brusov

Learn this poem by heart and repeat it at least several times a week. So this work will help you not only To develop a diction, But also to train the memory.

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