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How to accelerate metabolism

Many are surprised by a strange pattern. As some people lose weight fast or eat everything and do not gain weight, while others allow themselves a little sweet for the holidays, and it becomes already noticeable that the weight has increased. It's all about metabolism. Metabolic rate Affects weight. But the appearance of excess weight also depends on consumed food and water, as well as on the regularity of playing sports.

We have compiled a list of 10 simple ways that will help Accelerate metabolism. All these golden rules were tested by time and confirmed by scientific research.


How to accelerate metabolism

  1. pure water
    Every person knows that you need to drink plenty of water. Our favorite tea and coffee drinks do not help maintain the water balance. Sweet soda, containing sugar, only increases the loss of fluid. Drink more pure water. Do not need to drink a lot at a time. It is better for 100 ml, but more often. You can drink water either 20 minutes before eating, or 40 minutes after.
  2. Frequent meals
    If you go hungry and take long breaksBetween meals, the body will turn on a protective reaction and begin to accumulate subcutaneous fat, resulting in a slowdown in metabolism. With frequent meals, the blood sugar level will be within normal limits, so calories will be burned more efficiently. Eat more often, but in small portions.
  3. breakfast
    Breakfast is very important for proper metabolism. While the products must contain many vitamins, minerals and proteins. For example, low-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon, omelet with cheese and vegetables, salad of cucumbers and pepper with herbs and sour cream.
  4. protein
    The body digests proteins more slowly thanCarbohydrates and fats. Those who eat foods high in protein, feel full for a long time. Protein helps to save muscle mass. Add to your diet white chicken meat, fish, lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese, nuts and buckwheat.
  5. fruit
    Fruit is a real storehouse of vitamins andMicroelements. To accelerate the metabolism is better to eat citrus, as they are rich in citric acid, which plays a crucial role in the cycle of tricarboxylic acids (the stage of oxygen breathing of body cells). You can not eat citrus on an empty stomach if you have digestive problems.
  6. muscle mass
    In people with optimal muscle mass is goodMetabolic rate. Muscles even in a calm mode contribute to reducing calories. And after training they burn even more of them, speeding up the metabolism.
  7. Omega-3 fatty acids
    Omega-3 are found in large quantities in the marineFish, walnuts, vegetable oils. These acids regulate the level of leptin in the body, which affects the rate of burning calories. Scientists have proved that the use of omega-3 fatty acids before exercise increases the efficiency of burning calories.
  8. Correct physical activity
    All intensive workings improve metabolism. During sports, alternate a fast pace with the usual. Practice 2-4 times a week in the gymnasium, swimming pool or jogging.
  9. Forget about strict diets
    Diets, which are based on a decrease in calories consumed per day, lead to loss of muscle mass. This slows down the exchange processes. After the end of such a diet, kilograms quickly return.
  10. If you decided to go on a diet, then Determine the metabolic rate In the state of rest, using the formula of the muffin - dzheor: bsm = (9.99 * m) + (6.25 * p) - (4.92 * in) + (166 * n) - 151.

    Bsm - basal metabolic rate;
    M = weight (kg);
    P = height (cm);
    In = age;
    N = gender ratio: 1 - for men, 0 for women.
    Then multiply your bsm by 1.15 and find out how many calories you need to consume. For example, if your bsm is 1 800, then the amount of calories needed for you is 2 070.

  11. Strong and full sleep
    People who sit on diets and sleep for 6 hours eachDay, lose 60% less weight than those who sleep for 8 hours. When not getting enough sleep, the body produces less leptin (satiety hormone) and more ghrelin (the hormone of hunger). In the end, people consume more food throughout the day.

To comply with all 10 rules will be difficult for many. To start, just select a few points, and then add a few others. The result will surpass all expectations!

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