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Signs of liver disease

In the furious rhythm of modern life with fastSnacks on the go, poor ecology, lavish feasts with, to put it mildly, not very healthy food and alcohol, we rarely think about what harm we do to our Of the liver. A real hard worker, she is responsible for maintaining cleanliness in our body. Relentlessly filters out and removes from the body various toxins from the use of unhealthy foods, medicines, alcohol ...

if toxins Too much, the work of the liver is broken, it ceases to cope normally with its functions: regulation of digestion, blood sugar and cholesterol, protein production ...

Liver disease

Often liver diseases have a latent form, for a long time not letting them know about themselves. Nevertheless, there are a number of indicators that indicate that With the liver is not all right.

Signs of liver disease

  1. General weakness and loss of appetite.
  2. Stools are frequent and pale.
  3. The skin deteriorated sharply: excessive dryness or fatness appeared. There were small pimples and redness.
  4. There is a feeling Bitterness in the mouth after meal.
  5. Pain in the stomach after taking fatty foods.
  6. pain Under the scapula on the right side.
  7. The bulging belly protrudes from the accumulated fluid.
  8. The appearance on the body of numerous lipomas is an obvious sign that the liver is tired.
  9. Plaque and sores in the tongue.
  10. Eye whites Were painted yellow.

The importance of the liver is difficult to overestimate. So do not ignore the warning signs that our body gives, indicating that the liver is desperately in need of detoxification.

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