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How to choose glasses for face shape

Glasses became classic Detail of the image Any mod. This thing is able to transform the face in an instant and make the image memorable. Of course, if the frame is chosen correctly, which, alas, you do not meet so often ...

Not everyone knows how important compliance is Spectacle frames and Face shapes. These recommendations will save you from buying glasses that you do not like.

Solar, with transparent glasses, retro glasses, butterfly glasses, chameleons. Glasses - a fetish of our time, choose your own.


Determine your face shape, carefully study the peculiarities of the location of the eyes. Knowing the shape, the necessary frame is very easy to find! Make sure that the glasses are proportional to the features of your face.

How to choose glasses for face shape

  1. oval
    Choose glasses that do not hide your eyebrows. Ideal - when the frame repeats the shape of the eyebrows. Butterfly glasses, a rectangle or cat-eye-shaped glasses look great on a harmonious oval face.

    The width of the rim should be slightly larger than the widest part of the face.

  2. a circle
    Spectacles with sharp angles help pull the roundFace and focus on the eyes. Square glasses, glasses with bevelled corners, rectangular shape will make the owner of the round face intelligent and mysterious.

    If you have a round face, forget forever about round rims. Remember: colored lenses and transparent arches increase the distance between the eyes and correctly place the accents.

  3. square
    Prominent jaw front, protruding bones on cheekbones and forehead - characteristic features of face of square shape.

    Round and oval glasses of dark saturated colors will smooth the unevenness of the square face, will make the look open.
    A good option - Aviator glasses. Try to make the width of the frame coincide with the width of the face.

  4. Triangle (heart)
    Tapering downward, the face needs to be balanced by a noticeable and fairly wide frame. Glasses are butterflies and cat's glasses.

    Try to try on glasses completely without rim or with a thin rim. Almost imperceptible frame of muted colors will emphasize the gentle features of the lower part of the face.

    Abandon forever from the frames with ornaments, too cumbersome and shiny. No rhinestones, ever.

  5. Girl in glasses

  6. rhombus
    This form of face is extremely rare -Narrow lines of eyes and jaws contrast with wide cheekbones. To draw attention to the eyes, you need glasses with a heavy upper frame, as well as those in which the rim only on top.

A variety of frames leaves room for imagination. With the help of glasses you can become a completely different person - the new frame changes the overall impression, so do not be surprised that you are lucky in some glasses, but in others - something is always going wrong.

Choose good points that emphasize your dignity, and feel confident. Appearance also matters, do not forget.

Spring sun and beckons to replenish the collection Sunglasses. Help your friends figure it out, show them these tips about choosing the right frame.