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How to look 10 years younger in 10 minutes

Who of us does not want to turn back time and Become younger And more beautiful than ten years? It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance.

You just need to follow these 10 tips, and your transformation will not go unnoticed!

How to look younger

  1. Clean up your eyebrows.
    To make you look younger, the eyebrows should be as natural as possible. In the salon you in a few minutes, pluck your eyebrows, and also advise what color shade the pencil is better to use.
  2. Moisten the skin and tone the tone.
    Get a remedy that will help moisten the skin, giving it freshness and leveling out the tone. When the skin is well hydrated, it looks softer and even, which is exactly what we need!
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  3. Use youth perfume.
    Perfume selection Is a very important element of every woman's image. Using the appropriate fragrance, you can help yourself look much younger. Usually with youth associated with fruit smells.
  4. Cosmetics should be tone lighter.
    Change the black eyeliner toDark brown, use a gentle warm palette of shades. Dark and bright accents draw attention to the shortcomings of the skin, and this is exactly what you should avoid!
  5. Add a little blush.
    Nothing so young as small Flush on cheeks. Use a shade close to when you really blush.
  6. Chubby lips.
    Do not need to go to a plastic surgeon, in the arsenal of world cosmetics there are enough funds designed to make the sponges look fuller, for example, lip gloss.
  7. Take care of your hands.
    Sometimes, to learn about someone's age, it is enough to look at the hands of a person. To protect your hands from aging, moisturize them and keep away from direct sunlight.
  8. Bleached teeth.
    The condition of the teeth usually worsens over the years. Caffeine, sugar, smoking and other factors make them not as white and shiny as they used to be. To make teeth whiter, you can buy a whitening paste or make an appointment for a dentist.
  9. Change the hairstyle.
    Black long hair adds age. If you want to look younger, choose a medium or short hairstyle in light colors. But in the case when there is no time for the hairdresser, just dismiss the hair, you can make a slanting bangs or parting on the side.
  10. More often have sex.
    Studies of British scientists have shown thatPeople who regularly have sex, look 5-7 years younger than those who do not. So it makes sense to think and combine business with pleasure.

Armed with these tips, and you will Look 10 years younger. Such small innovations can significantly change your appearance in a short time.

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