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Women's Tricks

Be ready for any situation! No matter what happens: accidentally spilled wine, lost a button or torn pantyhose - you always have a trump card in stock.

These women's tricks will help out in unforeseen situations not only women. Neatly and well-groomed look like everyone, because men, too, should take note of these Simple solutions Large and small household problems.

Women's tricks

  1. Bleach clothes in the underarm area using Baking soda Or lemon juice.
    Baking soda and lemon
  2. If tights are torn and there are no spare at hand, stop the arrow with Transparent nail polish. Hair hairspray will do!
    Arrow on pantyhose
  3. wool sweater Will stop shedding if left overnight in the freezer. Do not forget to wrap the sweater in a tight package.
    Woolen sweater in the package
  4. static electricity Very annoying. Get rid of it, carefully rub the thing with a dry napkin.
    Dry napkin
  5. Hair iron It is convenient to use for smoothing small creases on clothes.
    Hair iron
  6. shaving foam Easily removes traces of foundation on clothes! what a news.
    shaving foam
  7. A proven way to stretch too tight shoes: pour water in the bags, put inside the shoes. Put your shoes at night in the freezer.
    How to stretch shoes
  8. Spilled a little red wine on clothes? The stain will be removed in two counts, if you use white wine for purification.
    Stain from red wine
  9. Maintain the correct form of boots with the help of collapsed magazines.
    Magazines in boots
  10. Save yourself from rubbing yourself! Dressing new shoes, spread your feet with a hard deodorant.
    Deodorant for feet
  11. Hard leather jacket Will become softer if it is wetted.
    Leather Jacket
  12. Sticky paper Will help you to fix the fallen bone from the bra.
    How to fix a bra
  13. Red lipstick sometimes leaves traces on clothes, however try to avoid it. Remove stains will help ... hair spray!!
    hair spray
  14. Lost Clasp from earrings? Do an impromptu temporary clasp of an eraser from a pencil.
    Clasp for earrings
  15. If the glasses weak and become too loose to move the cog, fix it with a transparent nail polish.
    How to fix glasses
  16. A normal eraser will help erase rubbing with suede shoes.
    How to clean suede
  17. The clip for bags and wires can temporarily replace the lost button.
    Than to replace a button
  18. Button on jeans Perfectly replaced by clerical clamp.
    Clerical clamp on jeans
  19. Lubricating the zipper with hygienic lipstick or graphite pencil, you will avoid her seizing.
    How to fix a zipper

In life everything happens, therefore it is worthwhile to prepare for the most unpredictable situations!

Let these tips help you in a difficult moment. Women's tricks Equally useful to everyone!