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Harm to the soda

The recent studies have shown that carbonated drinks Can significantly shorten the life of a person.

Scientists decided to check the condition of those parts of chromosomes that are responsible for life expectancy, in people who regularly drink carbonated drinks, and those who do not.

These parts of the chromosomes are called telomeres. Their length determines how quickly a person grows old. To participate in the experiment, blood samples were taken from 5,000 people.

Despite the fact that these people did not have diabetes or Heart disease, In those of them who often used soda, telomeres were much shorter.


It turned out that the use of soda Shortens life To the same extent as smoking.

Soda causes not only the aging of the body cells, but also heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Reason enough to reduce the consumption of this harmful product to a minimum.

Next time, when the hand reaches for a jar of sweet soda, come to your senses and better pour yourself ordinary water, because there is nothing more useful!

Studies have shown that juices and other beveragesDo not have such a terrible effect on the body. But juices are always better to do yourself or drink those that you trust, because in them today contains a lot of chemistry and sugar.

Find a worthy substitute for sweet drinks, and you will be an indispensable service to your body!