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An Easy Way to Lose Weight

This article is based on the story of one guy,Who managed to lose 29 kilograms. The first thing that attracts attention in this story is that he lost weight without any diets, tablets and special physical activities.

Based on the opinions of scientists and doctors, as well as from his own experience, he argues that there is no better method Get rid of excess weight, Than to include regular walking in your life. At first glance this advice seems horrible trivial and it is not clear why walking is so much attention. But let's deal with the argumentation before we start criticizing this point of view.

Guy before and after

In 20 years this guy weighed almost 100 kg with growth173 cm in the photo on the right, it weighs already 29 kilo less. To understand why walking is so effective when burning fat, you need to understand for yourself a few points.

How to lose weight quickly and simply

  1. The fat can only be removed with the help of physicalActivity. 90% of fat burns in muscles in the presence of oxygen. So from all sorts of diets, baths and diuretics is very little use. To lose weight, you need to move.
  2. Walking is more effective than other sports,Because it forces the body to release fat gradually. With an active load, more carbohydrates burn, which have the property of ending. More difficult kinds of sports you will soon catch up on yourself hunger and weariness, than you burn fat.
  3. When you walk, hormones are released into the blood,Who are responsible for feeling full. In addition, from the split fat, additional energy is released - and you already need less snacks, especially sweet.
  4. At a constant low load, such as walking, you translate the body into a mode Fat burning. The longer you continue, the easier your body will get rid of extra pounds.
  5. Full people often injure their knees or other parts of the body when they start practicing tennis or running, for example. Because they have a colossal load.
  6. You do not need to buy a ticket to the gym or wear sportswear. Moreover, no one will pay attention to you if you are not quite in shape.

From all vyshenapisannogo it is possible to draw a conclusion, that more fat will burn down, if to be engaged regularly and feasibly, than if to drive itself up to a semi-living condition. Simple walking - is ideal in this and all other senses. Well, and, of course, it is very important at the same time to eat in a balanced way, eating the necessary amount of nutrients in food without eating or starving. At such a rate you will not notice how the kilograms will gradually start to go away!