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How to save space in the kitchen

The kitchen is a rather problematic place, especially in small apartments, because there is always not enough space for cooking, Storage of products And various trifles. So we always try to optimize space and remove unnecessary things.

But what do you say that after learning these 20 tips, you can fit in your kitchen all the items you need?

Ideas to save space in the kitchen

  1. For placing kitchen utensils on the wall you can use Stand for tools.
    Stand for tools
  2. During the preparation of complex dishes, you can put a cutting board on top of the sink.
    Cutting board on top of the sink
  3. Instead of a simple box, you can place Holder for paper towels.
    Holder for paper towels
  4. On empty walls, additional Cup shelves Or other dishes.
    Cup shelves
  5. On the inside of the cabinets, you can Hang up trivia, Which you often use.
    Trifles on the inside of cabinets
  6. If you have a corner kitchen, then, putting in a corner Revolving shelf, You will facilitate your access to various subjects.
    Revolving shelf
  7. Magnetic strip for knives Will free up space on the kitchen table.
    Magnetic strip for knives
  8. On the refrigerator door can be stored Spices and condiments.
    Spices and condiments
  9. Turn ordinary shelves in the closet to retractable.
    Drawers in the closet
  10. Retractable cutting board Will be your salvation, if you have a very small kitchen.
    Retractable cutting board
  11. If on the reverse side Kitchen cupboard Hang a shelf, it will be possible to store various trifles.
    Kitchen Cabinet
  12. For storage of kitchen essentials perfectly fits Suspension bracket.
    Suspension bracket
  13. Covers from dishes It is convenient to store on a beam or beam, which can be hung on the wall or the inside of the door.
    Covers from dishes
  14. From old rakes can be done Cup holder.
    Cup holder
  15. Folding table Will make the kitchen more spacious. It is easily retracted to the wall if necessary.
    Folding table
  16. If you often cook dishes from cereals, you can install such a wall-mounted food Dispenser.
  17. Fridge shelves Can be attached with magnets.
    Shelves on the refrigerator
  18. Buy a special Storage device for kitchen utensils Suspended to the ceiling.
    Storage device for kitchen utensils
  19. Directly under the ceiling can be arranged Shelves for things, Which are not used often.
    Shelves for things
  20. Do It Shelves inside the shelves To optimize the space in the kitchen.
    Shelves inside the shelves

Try to implement these tips in your kitchen and you will see that the space becomes bigger and everything will become more functional!