/ How to reduce the calorie content of rice

How to reduce the calorie content of rice

Rice is one of the most consumed products inWorld. Asian countries consume more than 90% of the rice that is grown in the world, but we also love dishes with this ingredient. At the same time, rice is enough High-calorie product. In one glass of rice contains about 200 calories.

Of course, this is not so much, considering that most often rice is a small part of a large dish. But if you Trying to lose weight, Then each calorie should be in the account.

How to reduce the calorie content of rice?

Rice in a pan

Strange as it sounds, in order to do this, you just need to add a little fat to it and let this mixture cool down. The scientists found out that if When preparing rice Use coconut oil and a refrigerator, so you can reduce the number of calories by almost 60%!

Rice includes digestible andIndigestible (resistant) starches. Enzymes that digest the second type, in the human body there, and the first is converted into the body in sugar, which can even cause Diabetes mellitus.

The more rice Indigestible starch, The less calories the body receives. For this, the digestible starch must be converted to indigestible. Scientists from Sri Lanka conducted a series of experiments and found out that this can be done by adding a teaspoon of coconut oil in rice. Then it should be cooked for about 40 minutes. Then boiled rice should be put in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Rice cooked in this way has 10 times more indigestible starch than rice cooked in the usual way, and 50-60 percent less calories.

Everything turned out to be quite simple. Using this advice, you can simultaneously adhere to Diets And enjoy your favorite product.

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