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Protein diet for weight loss

Proteins - substances necessary for the construction of newCells, the synthesis of hormones and various enzymes responsible for metabolism. Proteins (they are proteins) our body is not able to accumulate, so they must regularly come with food.

principle Protein diet Is that the digestion of proteinFood is a long and stressful process. Protein helps to satisfy hunger, strengthen muscles and causes the body to "burn" deposited fat reserves, especially on the stomach and sides.

Protein diet for weight loss

"so simple!" Offers just two schemes of weight loss by principleProtein diet. Their difference from the classic option is that carbohydrates in this case are not completely excluded from the diet, so as not to harm the work of the body.

Protein diet

Scheme of the protein diet number 1

  1. In the morning, immediately after awakening, drink on an empty stomach 250 ml of warm water. This method triggers the metabolism in the body.
  2. In 30 minutes. You can have breakfast: 1 boiled egg.
  3. During the first half of the diet for lunch, snack, dinner eat Boiled chicken meat.

    It should be prepared in this way: Boil the meat until ready in the second broth (the first slurry immediately after boiling), water should not be salted. Skin, if available, remove, meat scalded with boiling water to remove residual fat. The daily norm of meat is 800 g.

  4. The second half of the diet period is dedicated to cleaning the intestines: daily eat up to 1.5 kg of vegetables that do not contain much starch.
  5. You can prepare yourself a salad "whisk" every day.
  6. Throughout the diet drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

Protein diet

Scheme of protein diet number 2

  1. During all 10 days drink up to 2 liters of water per day, and also Broth of wild rose.
  2. On the first day you eat only boiled eggs: 4-6 pcs.
  3. Second day - fish. Boiled lean fish on this day you eat in any quantity (within reasonable limits, of course).
  4. On the third day, eat only low-fat cottage cheese to a sense of satiety, but not overeating.
  5. On the fourth day, eat chicken meat, cooked as described in the scheme of the protein diet number 1.
  6. On the fifth day of the diet is allowed to eat Carbohydrates. Boil up to 1 kg of potatoes in the peel. Eat without salt.
  7. The sixth day is dedicated to boiled lean beef. Eat it also until saturation.
  8. The seventh is the day of fresh vegetables. Cook salads, eat just like that ...
  9. The eighth day for those who missed the sweet: the whole daytime diet consists of fruits.
  10. On the ninth day, drink only kefir - about 1.5 liters.
  11. The tenth day is a cleansing. This day drink only the broth of dogrose and water.

At the end of the diet once a week, arrange a protein-free day. Choose a product from any day of the diet. The results will be quite impressive. Nevertheless, these diets have Contraindications: Any digestive disorders, propensity to constipation, peptic ulcer, any chronic diseases.

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