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How to clean hard-to-reach surfaces

In each house there are many such places that require a lot of effort to clean them. But you want the house to shine with cleanliness.

Now you will stop tormenting yourself with cleaning the most difficult and difficult places in your apartment, because we collected for you 10 brilliant Household councils, Which will help you remove such dirt, from which it is almost impossible to cope!

How to clean hard-to-reach surfaces

  1. jalousie
    To cope with the dust on the blinds will help you an ordinary sock. Put it on your arm and hold it over the surface. If the dust is not cleaned, moisten it in a solution of water and vinegar (1: 1).
  2. bath
    Mold from the seams in the bathroom can be removed with the help of cellulose cotton wool soaked in bleach. Spread it around the perimeter of the bathroom and leave it for the night.

    In the morning, remove the bleach residues and you will see the radiant surface.


  3. Crates
    Organize the space and drawers you will help the boxes for eggs and cake molds. All the little things will be at hand.
  4. toilet
    You can clean the toilet using Coca-Cola. Pour it in a circle, leave for an hour and wash with a brush.
    Toilet bowl cleaning
  5. Shower and taps
    Remove the plaque from the faucets and the shower will help lemon and gloves. Just rub the radiant surfaces with half a lemon.
  6. Microwave oven
    To remove the dried mud from the microwave, fill the glass with vinegar and water (1: 1). Then put it in the microwave and turn it on for 5 minutes. After that, take off the glass and just rub the surface.
    Microwave oven
  7. Shelves in the fridge
    The food film will help you maintain the purity on the shelves in the refrigerator. It is easy to clean or simply replace with a new one.
  8. Grate
    Remove the old fat on the grate with ammonia. Put the grate in a plastic bag and add 2-3 tablespoons of ammonia to it. After 12 hours wash it.
  9. Car fan
    Take a brush with a sponge and a little vinegar, so you can penetrate even the smallest corners.
    Car fan
  10. Carpets
    Use an iron, a glass cleaner and a piece of old cloth to remove stubborn stains on the carpets. Spatter on the stain with a cleanser, put the cloth on top and gargle. Repeat until the stains are completely removed.
    Carpet cleaning

With these tips you can guide Impeccable cleanliness in my house. Do not forget to use these tips during the next spring cleaning!