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Table setting

About, How to properly serve a table, Should know not only the responsible owner. Even a bachelor does not interfere with knowledge of how to lay out the dishes on the table so that it looks beautiful, neat and functional. Because any festive meal implies an appropriate atmosphere, which can easily be created by decorating the room and properly serving the table.

The usual meal turns into a Solemn eventIf there are cutlery on the tableDifferent dishes according to the rules of serving. Use this simple cheat sheet when you need to lay it on the table next time. Cleanliness, order and harmonious aesthetics must reign in your home forever! Because life in such conditions brings much more pleasure.

Table setting

Purpose of each cutlery

  1. A plate for hot.
  2. Snack plate.
  3. A plate for bread.
  4. Snack fork.
  5. Fork for fish.
  6. table fork.
  7. table-knife.
  8. Knife for fish.
  9. Snack knife.
  10. tablespoon.
  11. Knife for oil.
  12. dessert spoon.
  13. Dessert fork.
  14. A glass for water.
  15. A glass for white wine.
  16. A glass for red wine.

Now you can be sure that you will not mistake a fork for fish and a dessert fork! Table setting - an extremely simple task, but for some reason many refuse this idea, modestly offering guests only a knife and fork.

If you want to make an impression onMan, set a table for him, your efforts will be appreciated. Also this cheat sheet is useful, if you taste a dish from a properly served table you will be lucky.

do not confuse cutlery And teach friends to serve the table: show them this article!