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9 facts about purchased fish

This article will be useful to read to everyone who eats fish - whether it is purchased or caught with their own hands. When you find out what is really hidden behind Fish production, You will change your attitude to this once and for all.

It turns out that the fish farms are absolutely Not environmentally friendly And use not the most humane methods of growing fish. Moreover, these products do not possess all the useful properties for which we buy them.

How to grow fish

Fish farm

  1. The fish grown for sale have a doubtful nutritional value.
    In such a fish there are not so many vitamins and nutrients that we try to get from this product. For example, omega-3 fats are found only in wild marine fish.
  2. They destroy one fish to feed the other.
    Fish of some varieties are predators. In order to feed them you need to get many times more fish than you grow, which affects the populations of many species.
  3. The fish is in pain and suffering.
    Except for the daily stress experienced by such a fish, while in life imprisonment, her death is often long and painful (choking, evisceration, hunger).
  4. Artificially grown fish is often infected.
    Unnatural conditions lead to a wide spread of various diseases and parasite infestations.
  5. Fish farms use a huge amount of toxins.
    To combat fish diseases and their parasites, a lot of toxins and antibiotics are used on farms.
  6. The fish for sale are in their feces.
    Gathering in large quantities, the allocation of fish falls to the bottom, polluting the water and poisoning all living things.
  7. The fish is constantly trying to escape from confinement.
    Very often the fish manage to escape, so you never know if the wild fish before you or grown on a farm. This fish has weaker genetics, and it spoils the gene pool.
  8. Paradox of the dzhevons.
    This paradox is that, whenProduction methods are being improved, the amount of consumed resource is increasing, not decreasing, as intuition tells us. So the more technologically advanced is the process of growing, the more resources it requires, including in the form of another fish.
  9. Irreparable harm to the environment.
    Scientists have managed to calculate that the harm that such production produces to the environment far exceeds the economic benefits obtained.

It's incredible how it really is! Knowing this, you will be able to more carefully and consciously treat the purchase of fish. Share this shocking information with your friends, let them know what they eat!