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Cleaning windows

In the spring many mistresses start General cleaning in home. Windows over the winter have time to become covered with dust and mud. The cleaner and tidier they will be, the more light will enter the house, which means it will become more comfortable. This is especially true for residents of megacities and those who have windows looking out onto a busy road.

A wide range of tools for Washing windows Can be found on the shelves of household chemistry stores. But most of them are expensive, leaving a divorce and attracting instant dust. We advise you to use the proven "grandmother's method", which will help clean the windows in the house.

How to clean windows

Washing windows

  1. Mix 3 tsp. Water, 7 tsp. Glycerol and a couple drops of ammonia. Dampen with this mixture a paper towel or a rag and clean the glass.
  2. If the windows are very dirty, then firstWash them with a soap solution, and then rub it with a mixture of glycerin and ammonia. This solution forms on the glass the thinnest film, which will protect it from dust.

Prepare this simple and Inexpensive means And wash the window. The result will undoubtedly please you!

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