/ How to Get Rid of Back Pain

How to get rid of back pain

Because of sedentary lifestyles, unfortunately, many of us experience back pain. You can usually get rid of them with the help ofExercises or a conventional therapeutic massage. But there is another amazingly simple way to solve this problem, which a masseur from the United Kingdom opened to the world. You only need a tennis ball!

Muscle tension and pain will pass if you do massage with this item daily. Why not try it?

How to get rid of back pain

Massage with tennis ball

  1. Lean against the wall.
  2. Clamp the tennis ball between the back and the wall.
  3. Move up and down. It is necessary that the ball is located between the spine and one of the shoulder blades. Time: 3-4 minutes.

This procedure can be carried out lying down. In addition to the back, it is recommended to massage the thigh and buttocks with a tennis ball.

This massage is a real salvation for those who spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

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