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Methods for self-study English

If you want to learn English Quickly and qualitatively, put yourself in a situation,When you can not do without knowledge of the language: get involved in a business that requires communication with English-speaking colleagues, start researching an interesting topic that only English or American scientists were engaged in, making friends with people from abroad.

If the goal is already outlined, then by what means is it achieved? There are many ways that can help in learning a foreign language. "so simple!" Collected for you five effective methods that have been tested by thousands of people. Try and you!

Methods for self-study English

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  1. Ilya Franc method
    With this method, you will read books onEnglish without a dictionary and at the same time to lexical stock. You do not need to learn anything. Phrases and words are memorized when reading. They are often repeated. The more you read, the more you start to miss explanations. The author of the methodology states that if you give this reading two hours a day, then in a year you will be able to read books in the original without translation.
  2. Dr. Piemseur method
    The method of the Piemseur doctor is directed mainly atListening, in which the listener creates phrases and utters them from memory in parallel with listening to audio recordings. The course is divided into three parts for 30 lessons each. One lesson lasts 30 minutes, it is accompanied by listening to audio materials and texting the lesson.
  3. Dmitri Petrov method
    For those who need to comprehend the basics of communicationEnglish very quickly, Dmitri Petrov's method will come in handy. The emphasis is on bringing to the automatism of learned phrases and on creating a large number of combinations from a small stock of words. The course consists of 16 lessons, which can be found in free access on the Internet.
  4. Films in a foreign language with double subtitles
    This is the way for those who like to watch movies. With its help you can not only learn the language, but also expand your horizons, and just relax. Thus time will not be wasted. The main thing is to choose the right material for your level of knowledge.
  5. Useful mobile applications
    If you spend a lot of time on the road, betterAll to spend it with advantage. Download useful applications on your smartphone and learn English anywhere. The most popular are: byki, ef mywords, busuu, accela study, duolingo, lingualeo, babbel, ibluesky.

The main thing is not to act idly and realize that in order to learn a foreign language, constant practice is necessary.

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