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Grandmother's methods of pain

About the wisdom of our grandmothers you can write tracts. I marvel at how cleverly they can cope with any disease and disease. But all because in the piggy bank our granny always has Great recipes Based on folk remedies, not proven by oneGeneration. It's amazing, as soon as they get the information about what product helps with this or that pain. And they say that with age, memory weakens ...

And the knowledge of modern pharmacists and doctors does not even fall into the amount of useful information that the older generation possesses.

"so simple!" Decided to share with you the useful advice of ourGrandma, who know a lot about folk medicine. Incredibly, it's just a treasure chest - a storehouse of wisdom for all occasions. Mash yourself to your ears, granny bad will not advise! Moreover, the poetic form helps in two counts to remember the application of various products in certain diseases.


Useful advice from granny

Honey, lemons and garlic, dyspnea will be allowed to run.

Honey with carrots, Sea-buckthorn leg ulcer sedate dashingly.

Rheumatism of sodium and gray juice of radish black.

Drink water before eating - you will be young for a long time.

The skin of the hands will return the former garlic juice and aloe.

A decoction of dry roots of watermelon will wash away your colitis from the belly.

Malaria is not in sight, since you sleep in a heap of wormwood.

Hide the zhivitsej an ailment of legs or foots, that without pain shastat could.

Hepatitis death gives the roots of rhubarb in the broth.

The older the peasant, the more important is the ray!

Vein seen from the inside - Apple vinegar Wait.

If there is a fungus in the legs - on the grass, wander in the meadows.

When scabies not moraine skin pairs in salty water.

Infusion of dill seeds with enuresis more often lop.

Sheet aspen apply - the hemorrhoids will not be bad!

In the feet of the feet, lemon votri - the pain does not appear inside.

Pharyngitis oppresses lemon plus dog rose, honey and sleep.

Drink infusion of flowers from the linden, mother-and-stepmother with the flu.

On vodka kidneys from birch microbes are killed with a small dose.

Arthrosis and leg cramps are afraid of sweaty boots,

A mound of peas in those felt boots, go to them more often and do not ohay!

If you get a furunculosis, eat your onions every day until you cry.

Beet juice often drink, so that I do not know the stomach of the stones.

Hide a burn, where there will be a feast, under a potato uniform.

Drink from a cough Birch sap With milk paired, without a dose.

So fractures grow together, eat shells to languor.

Bad sleep, pain in the head - you eat cabbage lobules two.

Take a lunch with a piece of cheese - there will be no holes in the teeth.

Propolis in alcohol together with honey quinsy will cure for years.

Perhaps, I will write myself these useful tips and willApply them in practice, if necessary. In our time it is not necessary to blindly believe in the power of pharmacy expensive drugs - as practice shows, they are far from always effective.

and here Folk methods Will never let you down - so they were treated from time immemorial on our lands. Keep yourself in the bookmarks and do not forget to share your grandmother's wisdom with friends and acquaintances - they will be very grateful for that.