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How to make a hanger from a light bulb

For sure you have heard more than once that any practical Thing for home You can create with your own hands, without resorting to buying expensive designer delights.

Do not think that for this you will need special materials that you will not find anywhere in the daytime with fire. Often from what is at hand, you can make a real masterpiece!

Today "so simple!" Will show you just a fantastic Master Class. This guy made a terrific hanger, having only used bulbs, cement and old wooden boards on hand.

Do you find this combination of materials a bit unexpected? See how step by step you can make an incredibly beautiful, and most importantly - a very strong coat rack, which is necessary for any room.

Such a brilliant design solution is best for homes with interiors In vintage style, As well as decorate any country house or cottage.

How to make a hanger of light bulbs


  1. Take the old used light bulb and use pliers to free it from all the insides.
    Old light bulb
  2. After this procedure you will need to prepare the cement. Fill this substance with a hollow light bulb.
    Cement in a light bulb
  3. Take a piece of cardboard. Drilled through it a cog, and put the cardboard to the lamp so that the head of the screw is in the middle of the light bulb, and the thread is from the outside.
  4. After the cement has completely solidified, break the glass surface of the light bulb. Be careful not to cut yourself!
  5. You must have in your hands such a "hard bulb" of cement.
  6. Take two old wooden boards. Carefully inspect them and dispose of unnecessary nails, if any.
  7. Cut the boards with lacquer, attaching them to each other so that they form the letter t.
  8. Drilled holes for "solid bulbs". Make sure that the size of the holes is suitable.
  9. After that, screw the bulbs into the drilled holes.
  10. hanger

  11. Voila - an amazing hanger with your own hands is ready!
  12. Do not hesitate, this hanger will stand much more than its plastic prototypes.


I do not know who came up with the idea that the old Used light bulbs Can become an element of a hanger, but it seems to me that this man is a genius. That's how from the usual improvised tools you can do something very useful and necessary for the house.

Once again I am convinced that it is not worth anythingThrow out - any thing you can give a second life. Share this fascinating master class on making a unique hanger with your neighbors and acquaintances. Perhaps they too will want to make something of that sort!