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6 reasons to wake up early

We all know that in order to succeed or simply improve your life, you need get up early, But very few people do it. So-called larks have much more time at their disposal than people who like to luxuriate in bed longer.

"so simple!" Collected for you 6 reasons that will convince you that it is necessary for every person to get up early!

Advantages of early recovery

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  1. Setting goals and planning life
    If you set your goals in the morning,They will firmly take root in your memory and subconscious. Also you can allocate a little time in the morning to achieve your life goal. And it's also a great time to remember what you have not done.
  2. Planning your day
    Larks give themselves the opportunity Correctly plan the day. With a precise daily routine, your efficiency and productivity is greatly improved. By setting goals, you can safely plan actions to achieve them.
  3. Time for sports
    People who do not go in for sports have only one excuse - lack of time. Indeed, after a hard day's workIt's hard to go to the gym. If you wake up early, you can find time for a little exercise or even a full training in the gym before work. Playing sports since the morning make your body produce chemicals called endorphins, which contribute to a good mood.
  4. Time to eat normally
    We hear all the time that breakfast Is the most important meal of the whole day. and indeed it is. Breakfast is necessary to us the same way as cars need fuel and regular maintenance for normal operation. If you wake up early, you will never miss breakfast.
  5. Secret of successful people
    Jack Dorsy, the founder of Twitter, says that he wakes up daily at 5:30 in the morning. Then he does Meditation Or does a little jog in the park. Tim Cook, the executive director of apple, is known for starting the email service at 4:30 in the morning.
  6. So you'll always be half a step ahead of everyone else
    Early rise develops yours Creativity and confidence. Waking up or having a light, you have an incredible burst of energy. And if you deal with all urgent matters before 8 am, you will understand that you can achieve all your goals.

Apart from these 6 important reasons there is one moreAn important fact: people who wake up two and a half hours earlier, live much longer, because waking up earlier, you will get an additional 17.5 hours Active life Per week, 70 hours per month and 840 per year. the choice is yours!

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