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How to cure cancer

cancer Is a terrible disease. But the doctor, Lawrence LeShan, who devoted thirty years to the research of oncological diseases, argues that the ailment is not fatal. "The main thing - the right treatment", He writes in his book. The doctor makes unusual conclusions about some of the causes of this disease. His book has not yet been translated into Russian, but already has many fans abroad and in our country.

How to cure cancer

The idea of ​​Lawrence Lezan that cancer is Not a fatal disease Seems surprising and strange. He believes that this disease gives a person the opportunity to realize their dreams. Having embodied his cherished desires, a person begins to recover. If someone for some reason loses the sense of existence and the desire to enjoy life, then the risk of getting cancer grows. Often people who first became very active in life become infected with cancer, and then, due to certain circumstances, they "fold their wings".

Many people often say: "I do not want to go to work", "This profession is not for me, I always wanted to become a writer", "I do not love my wife anymore" and so on. When they learn that they are sick with cancer, many of them say: "If I die soon, why do not I do itWhat I like? I will become an exemplary family man and I will give flowers to my wife, and children will play toys. I finally go to Paris, because I always dreamed of traveling. I will learn to play the guitar ".

A year later they say: "I am still alive. The doctor said that the tumor had disappeared. "

Why some people Recuperate? They did not die, because they began to live.

There are a lot of such cases. Here is one example from the practice of Lawrence Lezan:

Natali came from Brazil and was very fond of herCountry, but then she married and moved to live in London because of her family. For the sake of her husband and daughters, Natalie got a job for an unloved money job, not in her specialty. She devoted her life to caring for the family, Forgetting all about yourself.

Natali at the age of 49 was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the woman was quite desperate. After talking with natali, le chan said: "Why struggle for life if it does not bring joy? And if you die soon, your relatives will take care of themselves. Maybe you should take a chance and live for yourself? "

Natali went to her homeland. She sunbathed and bathed in the sea. The woman found her favorite job, which brought her pleasure. Medicines and diet began to help over time. Natali was surprised that her husband and daughter themselves coped well with their problems. Natali won the cancer.

This case is not a single case, in practice, andMany other doctors had miracles. The patients did not die, because they began to really live! Why not try to live for yourself if you do not have much time left? In any case you will not lose.

Find your place in life, get pleasure from it and then any illnesses will not be terrible for you.

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