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Gelatin for joints

from Diseases of joints No one is insured: both athletes and people who lead a less mobile way of life can suffer from such unpleasant ailments ...

The fact is that the basis of connective tissue of cartilage, tendons and bones is collagen, The synthesis of which in the human body decreases with age. Namely this protein provides elasticity and strength of the joints!

Fortunately, there is a proven remedy forPain in joints, to strengthen bones and restore cartilaginous tissue. The effectiveness of this simple and affordable home remedy is confirmed not only by connoisseurs of traditional medicine, but also by specialists. Gelatin - this is the savior who will help get rid of the crunch and pain, and also Regain freedom of movement.

Gelatin for joints

Joint treatment

  1. 5 g of gelatin, pour over 100 g of cold water overnight. In the morning mix the swollen gelatin with 100 g of warm water and place it on a water bath. Heat the solution until all the grains have melted, but do not allow the gelatin to boil.

    this Cure for joints Drink on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. If the taste is so unpleasant that you can not drink, then add orange juice to the solution.

    Gelatin is better absorbed by the body in combination with vitamin c, so it is recommended to add to the medicine infusion of dog rose or a pill with the vitamin itself. Course of treatment - 1 month.

  2. Can be cooked Milk jelly: 2 tsp. The gelatin is dissolved in 150 g of cold milk and leave to swell for about an hour. At will add a little honey or sugar. When gelatin swells, heat it in a water bath, while continuously stirring, but not bringing to a boil. Take it off the fire, let it cool down and put the milk mixture in the refrigerator safely.

    Course of such tasty treatment - 3 weeks.

  3. There is no desire to cook something - do it Compresses with gelatin!! To start wetting a wide bandage in hot water andSqueeze it. Fold it several times, while falling asleep a little gelatinous powder between the layers of bandage. Such compresses should be applied to the affected joint, wrapped in polyethylene film and strengthened with elastic bandage.

    The compress only relieves pain in the joints, but the procedure is especially good for those to whom gelatin is contraindicated. Course of treatment - 1 month.

  4. Jelly, gelatinous marmalade, cold meat - dishes that you can savor without remorse For the prevention of joint diseases.

As we mentioned above, gelatin treatment has Contraindications. It should not be consumed in large quantitiesWith problems with the stomach and liver, with stones in the gallbladder, as well as with atherosclerosis. If you are not sure if you are suitable for such a joint medicine, it is better to consult a doctor.

We wish health to you and your loved ones!