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How does the wife affect her husband's behavior?

Today it is not a secret for anyone thatEvery successful man is ... his woman. And let the representatives of the stronger sex begin to refuse in every way when they hear such words, but the fact remains. Moreover, the editorial board of the Internet magazine "so simple!" Stunning you, saying one simple wisdom: you yourself "create" your husband (the groom, the guy, the lover).

If he is lying on the couch all day without hittingA finger on a finger or disappears in bars, every evening getting up in earnest, it's possible that your actions and words became the reason why he does it that way. No, we are not trying to blame women for all mortal sins, especially in the misdeeds of men. psychologist Olga Valyaeva Tried to explain very clearly on real examples how the behavior of a man directly depends on which woman is next to him.


Often the fair sex is simplyDo not understand how much they affect men. And now think: if you were lucky enough to catch a goldfish and make three wishes, would you spend this unique chance in vain, ordering all sorts of nonsense? hardly. Let's consider the options, how Wife can influence On the husband in some situations. Once such an opportunity was given to us by heaven, it would be foolish to direct all forces into a negative channel.

How a wife negatively affects her husband

  1. If the wife Too active Outside the house - the husband becomes her passive appendage, spending days and nights in front of the TV. Even if it used to be the soul of a company, a successful entrepreneur or a public activist.
  2. If the wife is constantly "Endures the brain" His husband, he becomes either an avid henpecked, indulging the woman always and in everything, or resorting to physical violence.
  3. If the wife refuses to listen to her husband and constantly Argues With him, he turns into such a spineless creature, incapable of making any important decisions.
  4. If the wife is always Resentful, The husband responds with anger.
  5. If the wife Amends, Even mentally, to her husband, he becomes mean. Why spend money on the one that at any time can go to another?
  6. If the wife does not allow the spouse Engage in truly "men's affairs", He begins to find consolation in gambling, alcohol, smoking.
  7. If the wife Does not open to her husband, Does not show tenderness and care for him, the spouse often goes into the world of computer games or seeks affection on the side.
  8. If the wife is used to be responsible for everything herself and Does not allow her husband to make decisions, He becomes an irresponsible mattress, which gradually fuses with the sofa.
  9. If the wife Does not open her heart to her husband, He becomes greedy. Do not be surprised that now he does not even beg for snow in winter, even if he was incredibly generous earlier, he gave flowers-gifts almost every day.

How a wife can positively influence her husband

  1. If the wife is trying with all her might Keep a family, In the soul of her husband, too, soon there is such a desire.
  2. If the wife Trusts her husband And approves of his actions - he is happy to take his wife under his wing.
  3. If the wife Will open her heart to her husband - he becomes generous, begins to look for any reasons and reasons to pamper her.
  4. If the wife Takes temperament and character Husband - he tries in every way to satisfy her and comfort him, tries never to upset him.
  5. If the wife Is honest With his husband, does not deceive him, then the wife also has no reason to lie or love her beloved.
  6. If the wife Respects her husband, Then he becomes self-confident, other people also see him as an authority.

Instead of a quarrel and another attempt to endure to her husband's brain, try Direct one's strength, Time, energy to maintain the health of the spouse,Preservation of the family, common walks and trips, watching movies, thinking about the gift to relatives and relatives. Soon you will see that your relationship has become much stronger, and feelings have flared up with renewed vigor.

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