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Signs of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a huge problem of modern society, but we are partly to blame for allowing ourselves Become victims of. Even when we see dangerous signals, for some reason we can not give up everything and go away, again and again exposing ourselves to violence.

But if you do not agree to tolerate it, carefully study the list of anxious signs that may indicate that you Is in danger!!

Signs of domestic violence

Domestic row

  1. Rapid development of relations and an attempt to link
    After the first meeting he "is in love" andThinks of you as a soul mate. He constantly compares you to his ex-girlfriend and claims that he has never felt so comfortable and well. Such people can offer you a marriage within six months, can exert pressure, force you to have sex, when you are not ready, they do not respect the boundaries, because you are created for each other.
  2. False
    He constantly embellishes reality and uses petty lies. People who spend a lot of time and energy to maintain their lies, experience great Problems with the manifestation of emotions.
  3. jealousy
    At first you do not seem excessive his jealousBehavior, but after a while he starts to encroach on your freedom and limits your communication with other men. But this is only the tip of the iceberg, and it will become more as the relationship develops and can lead to serious consequences. Jealousy becomes dangerous when it turns into an obsession.
  4. Difficult childhood
    What do you know about his childhood? His parents treated him cruelly? Dysfunctional childhood itself should not be a problem, but if he uses his childhood experiences as an excuse for his negative attitudes toward life or the right to Resentment and disappointment In everything, this should serve as an alarm signal.
  5. irresponsibility
    You should avoid people who are notState to be responsible for their emotions, behavior and consequences of behavior due to their destructive nature. It is likely that they also had a difficult childhood, so they act as a victim and use past grievances to justify their unsightly behavior or behavior.
  6. arrogance
    He believes in his infallibility and in that he is much better than all who surround him. Believe, his conscience never torments. Potential rapists, As a rule, have hierarchical self-esteem, thenThey must be better than others in order to feel good. They must show that they are smarter, more sensitive or more talented than others.
  7. Love of solitude
    These are people whose main goal is your complete isolation from the outside world. He does not want to spend time with your friends and family, but at the same time does not introduce you to your loved ones.
  8. Pettiness or hypersensitivity
    Violators, as a rule, have low self-esteem,So they are easy to upset or offend. They make a lot of noise out of nothing, pay attention to minor details or comments, suggesting that any difference in opinions is a direct personal attack on them. These people are very intolerant, overly critical of others and are not able to forgive.
  9. contempt
    He always jokes or thinks he's joking, but hisJokes always with a touch of sarcasm or indulgence. At times his jokes, although out of place, seem innocent; At other times they are hostile and directed directly to the goal. When he does not play a trick on others, his remarks are indulgent or rude.

  10. aggression
    Be vigilant, because aggressive peopleNever finish the first date with your pinched eye, this behavior unfolds for a long time. It is obvious that acts of aggression towards animals or children or verbal attacks should be considered as signals of violent behavior.

Trust your inner voice and be careful. If you notice something is wrong, better just leave and do not let him make you a victim!