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Kitchen lifhaki

No one can compare in the kitchen with his mother, Mother's food - the tastiest. How do women manage to cook dishes, whose taste you remember all your life, having tried the treat only once? This is exactly the real magic ...

You have a chance to learn the tricks, thanks to which your skills in the kitchen will be unsurpassed. Learn how to properly store vegetables and fruits, To boil eggs And save products from too fast damage.

Take an interest, whether knows about these receptions your mother, accumulated for years wisdom of mistresses is simply amazing!

Kitchen lifes

  1. When cutting cheese, do not discard the cut piece of the package. Use it to close the remaining cheese.
  2. Smear chicken eggs with vegetable oil before you clean them in the refrigerator. So they will be stored much longer!
  3. Clean gingerIt's uncomfortable, but this problem will disappear if you try to use a teaspoon to clean it.
  4. The cut cake will not stale if you put slices of bread on the cutting places and fix them with toothpicks. Instead of a delicious cake stale bread will be!
  5. Needed a couple drops of lemon juice? Do not hurry to cut a lemon! Pierce it with a toothpick and lightly squeeze, a few drops of juice immediately flow out.

    The lemon will remain intact, a small hole can be covered with scotch and put the lemon in the refrigerator.


  6. The remains of mayonnaise in a jar can be turned into a salad dressing, adding vinegar, spices and olive oil there.
  7. Fresh berries will not mold if you moisten them in a weak vinegar solution.
  8. The ideal place for storing onions and garlic - perforated paper bags. Two months without mold are provided!
    Storage of garlic
  9. So that the cut avocado does not turn black, sprinkle it with apple cider vinegar or store with a slice of onion.
  10. Potatoes will not start sprouting, if you keep it with apples! Apples contain ethylene, which will prevent the appearance of sprouts.
    Apples, potatoes
  11. The remnants of the "nutella" in the jar are filled with hot milk. You will get rich hot chocolate. Delicacy ...
  12. Mango, kiwi and avocado it is convenient to clean with a glass.
  13. Pineapples need to be stored upside down, then they will quickly become ripe and sweet.
    a pineapple
  14. Celery and broccoli must be stored in foil, this will significantly extend the shelf life.
  15. Nut butter is easier to get out of the can if you keep the cans upside down.
    peanut butter
  16. Spine a bundle of bananas wrapped with scotch tape. So they will not spoil any longer!
  17. Yellowing greens - a valuable product, do not rush to throw it away. Chop the greens and mix with the olive oil. Pour a mixture of ice-cream and send them to the freezer. A wonderful dressing for salads, sauces and soups!
  18. Lettuce is best kept if you wrap it in a paper bag before shipment to the refrigerator.
  19. Crisps or crackers withered? Do not rush to get upset! Send them for a short while in a microwave or oven, this will save the food.
  20. Unripe bananas perfectly mature in the oven! This is the idea ... the main thing is - do not go too far with time, keep them in a heated oven for a couple of minutes.
  21. Pizza needs to be heated in a frying pan.
  22. drawing pin Will help you to clean the eggs without effort. Before cooking, make a tiny hole in the shell, this ensures easy cleaning of the boiled eggs!

Board number 11, I was extraordinarily inspired, it costsTry it immediately. Do not forget that in the kitchen creative approach to everything that you do is very important. In fact to prepare food and love it is necessary only under own recipes.

Use these wise hints for successful culinary feats and do not be afraid of experiments! Believe me, adding sesame to fried potatoes is not madness, but the true flair of the cook.

Hurry to share valuable tips with friends, do not deprive them of the opportunity to learn it!