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How to Original Easter Eggs

A painted egg is an indispensable attribute of Easter. During the existence of the tradition Stain eggs Invented many ways how to do it. The most fun in this is that the eggs can be painted as you like. There are a lot of options!

"so simple!" Suggests that you do this in a rather unusual, but very simple way. Eggs will turn out very colorful and bright.

How interesting it is to paint eggs for Easter


  • Paper napkins
  • vinegar
  • Eggs
  • food colorings

Well, wash the boiled eggs. Let them dry and tamper everyone in a paper napkin.

Coloring of Easter eggs

Then well wet Egg in a napkin Vinegar.

Coloring of Easter eggs

On all sides, a drop on the napkin with food colors of different colors.

Coloring of Easter eggs

Leave the egg for two hours to dry the paint.

Coloring of Easter eggs


Coloring of Easter eggs

That's so very simple you can Stain eggs!! Experiment in cooking - let the bright Easter holiday bring a lot of positive emotions!

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