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Ideas for the garden

On the eve of the dacha season it's high time to think about what, How to equip your garden. To spend time in the open air - a sweet thing,Better leisure than in the garden, in the spring it simply can not be! But in order to make your site even more comfortable, it's not a sin to take advice for decorating the garden.

Spend time in nature with comfort and interest! Thanks to these ideas, children will be difficult to send to the house, they will refuse even computer games, and all for the sake of an exciting pastime in Landscaped garden.

Original ideas for the garden

  1. Make a fire on the street safe, build a brick small Garden fireplace. Children will be able to play by the fire, without risk.
  2. Garden fireplace

  3. Mini-tents from the curtains For the shower attached to the trees. A place for exciting games!
  4. Tents from the curtains

  5. Bar in the garden. Very exquisite and comfortable!
  6. Bar in the garden

  7. Tent for reading. All you need is pillows, bedspreads, towels. A real magical lair ...
  8. Tent for reading

  9. Multi-colored balls, Inserted in the fence, create a festive mood.
  10. Multi-colored bead

  11. The staircase can be convenient Hanger in the summer shower.
  12. Stair-hanger

  13. Lock of automobile tires Will not leave any child indifferent.
  14. Lock of automobile tires

  15. Intellectual board game Useful in the street.
  16. board game

  17. This Fireplace Just like neighbors will be jealous!
  18. fireplace

  19. Torches from bottles Even a dreary evening will brighten up.
  20. Torches from bottles

  21. Loft bed in the garden. Does not need advertising ...
  22. loft bed

  23. Why not arrange your own Beach in the garden?
  24. Beach in the garden

  25. Soft armchairs, Ottomans and pillows on the grass. An unforgettable party is guaranteed!
  26. Armchairs

  27. mini bar In the center of the table. Make it very easy, but the functionality is at the highest level!
  28. mini bar

  29. This little tree house Will make the heart of any child beat faster.
  30. a house on a tree

  31. trampoline For jumping into the water. Yu-hu!
  32. Trampoline for diving

  33. With the help of unusual plants the garden can be turned into a fabulous ...

Even a couple of non-standard solutions can Change garden, Making it not only more beautiful, but also more convenient. For the sake of excellent family leisure it is worth trying! Include your fantasy and create something fantastic in your favorite country garden. Because in the spring I want to enjoy life and work miracles, do not miss this moment!

Help your dear friends to improve their garden, throw them some pretty ideas.