/ How to Speed ​​Up Hair Growth

How to Speed ​​Up Hair Growth

Hair Growth Is a rather complicated and slow process. Scientists argue that the speed with which hair grows is laid genetically. But still the process can be slightly speeded up.

So that the hair grows faster, you need to make considerable efforts and have patience. main Secret of long hair Is the right care. We suggest that you read a few recommendations that will help achieve the desired result.

How to accelerate hair growth

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  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle
    What you drink, eat and how you feel about yourBody, has a huge impact on hair growth. Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink clean water and exercise. People who suffer from vitamin deficiency and eat unhealthy food grow unhealthy and weak hair.

    To help the growth of strong hair, you need to focus on Use of protein, Potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium,Copper and other useful substances. The main source of strength of hair is protein, which is 20% of body weight. The protein is best absorbed from eggs, oily sea fish and poultry.

  2. Do the scalp peeling
    Few know that scalp peeling is oneOf the most important ways to care for yourself, which can improve hair growth. The skin of the scalp needs periodic cleaning from the dead cells of the epidermis.

    These cells with excess sebum promoteThe formation of dandruff, accumulate the products of metabolism. So you should use special scrubs from the store or cook them at home. Peeling also improves nutrition and blood circulation in the hair follicles, which will help Accelerate hair growth.

  3. Avoid contamination of follicles
    Give the hair a rest from the styling products, especially from dry shampoo, powders and sprays to give volume at the roots. They can clog the follicles, which interferes with normal hair growth.
  4. Massage the scalp
    Massage of the scalp stimulates blood circulation,Which helps to nourish the hair follicles. Do not be lazy to comb your hair twice a day. Before washing your head, you can massage your skin with your fingers, moistening them with coconut or burdock oil.
  5. Cut hair tips
    Regular haircut will save you from damaged,Dry and split ends. Split ends, if they do not cut, can split even more. And in the future will have to cut a lot more hair. It is better to do this procedure little by little, but regularly.
  6. Make light hairstyles
    Hard rubber bands, too tight tails and braids are harmful to the hair. Better to wear your hair loose.
  7. More naturalness
    Staining and perm Can lead to damage to the hair. Give up these procedures if you want to have long, healthy hair. Use natural oils and hair masks. This will help preserve their brilliance and beauty.

In order to grow long and healthy hair, in addition to using all sorts of Mask-activators Hair growth, you must not forget about these seven rules.

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