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Saving water in the drain tank

Every month comes the judgment day, which brings one disorder. Again pay the bills? Constantly increasing Tariffs for utilities Lead to despair even those who earn good money.

I do not want to overpay anyone! In such conditions, the most reasonable solution is saving ...

Saving water and electricity, you will not only beSpend less money, but also do a good deed while preserving the environment. The water reserves on the planet are not infinite ... the way you look in the video will help you save a couple of dozen liters of water a month without any effort. Just open it cistern And put a plastic bottle filled with water.

The volume of the reservoir will decrease, but not so much thatTo influence the quality of his work. Probably, this American guy's ancestors are clearly from the USSR, and with such people no one can compare by ingenuity in everyday matters!

How to save water?

So that the bottle in the drain tank was even more useful,Do in it a couple of small holes - in the lid and at the sides. In the water, which will fill the bottle, add vinegar. Cleanliness and freshness will pleasantly please you! This method is so simple that one does not even believe it. But, having compared Digits in receipts, You will see how useful it is sometimes to arrange home changes for the better.

Save water, but never save on goodwill! Recommend this video to your friends, it's very relevant now.