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How to grow cucumbers in a barrel

Many of us are very fond of fresh or canned Crispy cucumbers. No feast can do without this delicious vegetable. There is nothing better than cucumbers grown at home, is not it? Only they require a relative spaciousness in the garden.

Cucumbers have broad leaves, and antennae and stems are fragile. So they are advised to plant in a barrel. For sure, you have an old barrel in your country house. Here and let her into the matter!

How to grow cucumbers in a barrel

Cucumbers in a barrel

Install on the site on a sunny place severalBarrels. To the bottom of the barrel put organic waste: leaves, straw, tops, skins from bananas and other fruits and vegetables or weeds. No boiled food or any products that are badly rotten. Also use manure of a rotten type. Fill the barrel to the top.

At the end of May, fill the barrel with the earth to the brim. Fields it and immediately plant Cucumber seeds. The barrel needs about 9-10 seeds. Plant them approximately 12-15 centimeters apart.

After disembarkation, cover the barrel with a polyethylene filmOr nonwoven material. In the middle of June, if the weather is warm, the film can be removed from the barrel. Soon the cucumbers will grow and will roam around the barrel. So that the wind does not disturb the plant, you can bind the stems to the barrel with a thin foam.

Cucumber care simple. Pour half a bucket of water every 3-4 days, if there is no rain. Do the weeding once a month.

With one barrel you will receive the same harvest as from a three-meter bed. Success to you in truck farming!

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