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How to take pictures of small items

If you are fond of photography, this post will be to your liking! temptation Beautiful take pictures Small objects are familiar to all photographers, but not allKnow how to do it right. Thanks to the tips below, you can arrange a real studio at home, which will help you to take pictures of the highest quality.

Little things will look perfect, as in advertising! The most interesting point is that this method allows Select a suitable background For a photo without any problems. You just want to try to do it ...

How to photograph small items

Photography for advertising

You will need

  • a laptop
  • Journal
  • lamp
  • Sheet of white paper
  • camera
  • Thing you want to photograph

  1. Put the thing on a glossy magazine.
  2. Photography for advertising

  3. On the laptop screen, include a suitable background, which will look like the subject you are interested in.
  4. Photography for advertising

  5. On the side, put a sheet of white paper. Turn on the lamp so that it shines through the sheet.
  6. Photography for advertising

  7. So it will look like a photo made with this easy way! Impressive ...
  8. Photography for advertising

Of course, for the best effect you will needReflector, at least one. But, you must agree, this trick deserves attention! Especially it will appreciate the photographers who are engaged in shooting photos for sale on the Internet.

And for fans of this information will be a real treasure. Do not hesitate to report this simple Instructions for photographing Small items to friends, because among them there are many who adore looking at the world through the lens glass.