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Why you need to teach your child music

Wise parents differ from all other topics,That know: school knowledge, assessments and achievements in traditional education - not the most important thing in life and becoming a person. You can close your eyes to the successes and defeats of the child in many academic disciplines, because indeed the most important is the general child development.

That the person has grown high-grade, it is necessary to createConditions for its social realization and education of such personal qualities, without which in life it will have to be tight. Many parents choose sports and lead the child to study in the section, taking care of his health. Someone tries to teach the child to foreign languages ​​and drawing.

This is a wonderful activity, but reallySmart parents know that it is music that develops children comprehensively better than all other circles do. why? The explanation of this phenomenon is very simple ...

Reasons to give the child to music school

A boy with a violin

  1. Good traditions
    Learning music was compulsory in an aristocratic environment. A person who owns a musical instrument always has Success in society And causes curiosity. The society respects musical people and inevitably has an interest in them.
  2. good reputation
    A child who engages in music often catches the supportive views of adults. Instead of an empty pastime, the child is always at work! Music opens the child to the world of art, affects the Development of creative abilities.
  3. discipline
    Music lessons bring up will power, disciplineAnd responsibility is not worse than sports. Because for the result you need to work, doing daily! Only the risk of breaking a hand or leg in class is reduced to zero.
  4. Character
    Music instills a sense of responsibility, the desire to bring things to the end, the ability to follow clear instructions. At the same time the child receives the experience of creative, Creative perception of the world And learns to be diligent.
  5. Mathematical abilities
    The music evenly develops bothHemispheres of the brain. Albert Einstein played the violin not by chance. To get into the right notes, to memorize the note text, to manipulate abstract musical figures - beautiful Practice to train intelligence, Logic, mental abilities.
  6. Development of speech
    Children who are engaged in music, be sure toThey sing on whatever instrument they play. It develops the skills of speech, writing, has a beneficial effect on the learning of foreign languages. The most famous diplomats in history were necessarily musicians!
  7. Structural awareness
    Music is structured by nature, therefore future programmers will have a great experience, doing music. The ability to perceive the world in a structurally and hierarchically friendly way with a computer.
  8. Masculinity and kindness
    Music helps boys become sensual andSpiritually enriched, and girls - courageous. Learning the music, the child learns the world in all its diversity, becomes more responsive, kindhearted, but at the same time - persistent and ready for any difficulties.

    Tempering of character Occurs during enjoyment of beautiful sounds, however paradoxical it may sound. The most patient people in the world are musicians.

  9. artistry
    People who happened to encounter musical activities in life, are able to express their emotions better than others! Artistic ability Everyone has it, but music is the ideal stimulator for their realization.
  10. Ability to do many things at once
    A child-musician can play at the same time,Listen, read sheet music from sheet, keep pace with the pace of the work. These skills will help the child to become successful in life, teach them to do several things at once without losing quality and to be guided by what is happening to him.
  11. Girl behind drums

Except for all these indisputable pluses, Music lessons Expand the horizon. Because the child is learning not so much to play, how much to listen to, to recycle the material! The history of music is closely related to other forms of art, for the education of a child this is a real treasure. It is important to meet a good teacher who can dedicate a child to how to look at everything in life through the prism of music.

In music schools are always learning non-ordinary, comprehensive Developed children, This is a wonderful company for leisure activities. Without a doubt, music is something that a child should be taught, if you want him to be really happy. Even without a musical ear, a small musician will get such experience in development, after which you will be insanely proud of him!