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Cheat sheet for girls

To be always on top, a woman shouldWork tirelessly on your way. Every little thing matters! Especially for the fair sex who want to be perfect, created this beautiful cheat sheet.

Now you will be sure that I picked up my hair and jewelry correctly for my clothes, I was not mistaken with A model of a bra And the choice of the most important dress - wedding. Enjoy your health with this knowledge and become every day better!

Cheat sheet for girls

  1. Guide to women's shoes. Do not be surprised if you do not know some of the names - it's amazing how many different interesting models created for beautiful female legs exist in the world!
    Types of shoes

    Types of shoes

  2. Reference point for Kinds of decollete.
    Kinds of decollete
  3. Collars of all kinds as in the palm of your hand!

    1. Standing Chinese collar. 2. Collar-stand lace. 3. the collar of "berth". 4. Collar-golf. 5. collar-yoke. 6. The collar of polo. 7. collar-stand "Mao". 8. Soft collar "dog ears". 9. the collar-shawl. 10. "Peter pen." 11. collar with lapels. 12. collar with lapels and lapels. 13. the collar-bow. 14. Frog. 15. The sea collar.

    Types of collars

  4. To correctly combine ornaments and a cut-out on clothes - the whole art.
    Decorations and clothes
  5. Determine the length of the beads and chains to the eye is unmistakable.
    Length of beads
  6. Find out what your coat is called! All possible kinds of this wonderful outerwear.

    1 - classic direct coat without fastening, 2 -Double-breasted coat, 3 - coats of Balmakaan, 4 - British overcoat, 5 - duffle coat, 6 - coat with odor, 7 - caftan, 8 - inverted coat, 9 - rug, 10 - crombi, 11 - mackintosh.


    12 - coat of the Alster, 13 - coat of the Palmerston, 14- classic coat of pardessy, 15 - American coat of polo, 16 - cloak, 17 - cloak, 18 - anther, 19 - raglan coat, 20 - coat, 21 - coat of princesses, 22 - trench coat.

    23 - coat chesterfield, 24 - greatcoat, 25 - poncho,26 - coat with a cape, 27 - top coat, 28 - coat with a button closure, 29 - dress coat, 30 - raincoat (windbreaker), 31 - sweater coat "Peter Pen", 32 - coat , 33 - coat-cocoon, 34 - short coat-pea coat.


    35 - asymmetrical coat, 36 - a-silhouette coat,37 - retro-coupon coat with an overstated waist, 38 - retro model of a coat with a flashlight sleeve, a coquette and a collar-stand, 39 - a vintage coat with large buttons and a Biedermeier sleeve, 40 - a trapeze coat with patch pockets in the safari style, 41 - a coat-shawl, 42 - a romantic coat with flounces, 43 - a fashionable coat with a cape, 44 - a flared coat with a shawl collar, 45 - a fitted coat without a collar with ruffles, 46 - a fashionable straight coat with two buttons and a large Collar.


  7. How about sleeves? Be surprised by the variety of styles!

    1. Vtachnoy shirt sleeve. 2. Cuffed at the cuff. 3. sleeve-horn, sleeve-bell. 4. Raglan sleeve. 5. sleeve-bat. 6. sleeve with a shoulder strap. 7. sleeve safari. 8. short sleeve with a cuff. 9. short sleeve-flashlight, sleeve-puff, sleeve-page. 10. with a flounce at the wrist.

    11. The sleeve-tulip. 12. Sleeve-wedge (sleeve to the elbow of the same type is called - caftan sleeve). 13. short sleeve kimono, sleeve-wing. 14. flounce sleeve calypso. 15. triangular sleeve. 16. The sleeve is three quarters. 17. The sleeve of the bishop. 18. Pleated. 19. Pagoda sleeve. 20. Corrugated sleeve. 21. classic kimono sleeve. 22. sleeve with a padded shoulder. 23. The narrow sleeve. 24. short open sleeve. 25. Peasant's sleeve.

    Types of sleeves

  8. Key Models of women's panties. Men will also be interested!
    Models of cowards
  9. The right choice of a bra will always help an experienced consultant, but every woman should understand them!
    Choice of bra

    Choice of bra

  10. This is how you hide jeans in boots.
    How to roll jeans
  11. Wear a shirt elegantly and at ease.
    How to wear a shirt

  12. Earrings should match your type of face. Then the view will be royal!
  13. Types of face
  14. Successfully tied scarf changes everything.
    How to tie a scarf

    How to tie a scarf

  15. The belt can also be worn in many different ways.
    How to tie a belt
  16. Do not get lost in the world of bags, always choose the right one!
  17. A well-chosen swimsuit will make the figure magically attractive.
    Swimsuit on the figure
  18. Find out your ring size easily!
    ring size

    ring size

  19. A hint for brides. Wedding Dress Can be stylish, do not have to be like a cake!
    Wedding Dress

    Wedding Dress

  20. Color combinations, Which will help you look harmonious.
    Color combinations
  21. That's how you need to wear a man's shirt!
    How to wear a man's shirt

    How to wear a man's shirt

    How to wear a man's shirt

Never stop on your way to perfection and beauty! You can always get better in every way. Remember that the woman herself decides how old she is and how beautiful she is.

Never doubt yourself, whatever happens, and these little secrets will give you even more confidence!

Be sure to please your girlfriends with this wonderful cheat sheet!