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Words that breed diseases

There are words and Phrases causing disease, But nevertheless we use them every day in our speech. You will say that this is nonsense. But the German psychotherapist nossrat Pezeshkian in his study proved that this is true.

Below is a list of expressions that directly affect human organs and cause Diseases. It's hard to believe that seemingly innocuous words can hurt so much. As soon as you notice them in your speech and stop using, many ailments will leave you.

The phrases that generate disease

Rock to the castle

"To take it personally", "Blow in the heart", "heart is breaking", "The heart contracts" Become the cause of cardiovascular diseases.

"Fed up with", "I'm sick of this", "I'm sick of nausea" Cause nerve anorexia.

"Tired of death", "I do not belong to myself", "Something poisons life" Provoke Cancer.

"Bear the cross", "Put someone around your neck", "Put everything on your shoulders" Can cause osteochondrosis.

"Sarcastically", "Samoyedstvo", "Do not digest someone" Become the cause of peptic ulcer.

Those who suffer from diseases of the liver and gallbladder, should pay attention to the expression: "That life does not seem to honey", "Life is not sugar", "It's bitter for me".

"Block off oxygen", "I wanted to sneeze", "Find an outlet" Provoke problems with the lungs.

"puzzle over", "Fight your head against the wall", "The head hurts from something" Cause headache.

"Sits in the kidneys", "Piss in the head hit", "There is no strength to endure" Provoke urological diseases.

"Steam release", "Patience has burst", "Give heat" Cause hypertension.

Phrases-destructors of hearing: "Shut up", "shut up", "Keep your mouth shut, "no need to say", "I do not want to listen to you" and so on.

"The light is not nice", "My eyes would not have seen you", "Scary look", "Looking for what" Can lead to Problems with vision.

"Enrages", "Pounding", "Shakes", "Patience has burst" Cause depression.

It seems to us that we use simply capacious metaphors, but in them the hidden meaning is disguised. No matter who you address them to, the imprint is still on you. Get rid of Words-destroyers!!

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