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How to use salt

All houses have salt, which is used for cooking. But salt is solely Useful product, Which can be used for domestic purposes.

Salt perfectly cleans surfaces, removing impurities that seem hopeless. These 6 brilliant tricks will be discovered by those unknown to you Properties of salt. You did not even think about them before! Make sure that you can use salt with maximum benefit for yourself!

How to use salt

  1. Salt extinguishes fire perfectly! A sudden flare-up in a frying pan is easily eliminated with a handful of salt.
  2. Use of salt

  3. The egg fell to the floor and broke? It is very unpleasant to clean the surface after that. To easily remove the contamination, sprinkle the egg with salt - so removing it will be extremely easy.
  4. Use of salt

  5. Too fatty sponge can easily be put in order if it is soaked in salt water. Leave the sponge for the night in a solution, and in the morning it will crunch from cleanliness and freshness!
  6. Use of salt

  7. To clean the stuffed plum, mix the salt with the vinegar (1: 1). This mixture is sent to the problematic hole and filled with a liter of boiling water. Works no worse than the store tools for this purpose!
  8. Use of salt

  9. If it is difficult for you to clear the bottom of a pot or frying pans from burning, fill it with a thick layer of salt. Add water and heat the dishes on fire. The mixture effectively removes dirt after 10 minutes!
  10. Use of salt

  11. Salt will clean even the surface of the iron! Pour a little salt on the parchment and iron it with a hot iron. The sole of the iron immediately flashes!
  12. Use of salt

See a detailed video on how to use salt in different household matters.

More useful substance than salt in the kitchen is not found! Acts unconditionally and removes any contamination. Every housewife should be aware of these simple ways of using salt to cleanse different surfaces. Let them help you do housework with ease.

Who would have thought that ordinary salt is capable of this. Urgently show your friends these useful tips, they will surely help them!