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How to make a child read

Jacques Fusco is a production engineer by profession, but he achieved popularity by lecturing on various topics around the world. He became especially famous after the release of the film "The Spirit of Time".

Jak fresco from the very childhood was veryInquisitive. In his youth he worked in the social center of rendering assistance to the needy. Already at that time he realized that while society is trying to save one person, thousands of others are in trouble. So you need to think globally, and this goal he devoted his life.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a short excerpt from a lecture by Jacques, in which he tells how to instill in the child an interest in reading.

How to instill a love of reading

Books are needed for children as well as air. Use this advice to Instill a love of literature for the child. So he will be able to develop his mental abilities and will surely achieve success in life!