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Qualities of the educated person in Chekhov

Anton Pavlovitch of Czechs is a great figure in the world literature. He not only wrote delightful works, but was a man with a capital letter.

Since childhood, the writer has formed a character inWhich was a combination of softness and hardness, optimism and goodwill. In his youth he was very demanding of people and believed that it was possible to defeat illiteracy.

Upbringing - this is not how a person greets, eats and drinks, this, in his opinion, is completely different, something that is based on moral principles. Probably many heard such quotes Anton Pavlovich: "An educated person is not someone who does not spill sauce on a tablecloth, but one who does not notice this" and "A good person is ashamed even in front of a dog".

Today we invite you to read excerpts from his letter to your brother in the form of quotations in which he speaks about the qualities of a well-bred and Intelligent person.

Anton Chekhov

The quality of the educated person in Chekhov

  1. Indulgence, gentleness, politeness, pliability. "They do not rebel because of a hammer or a missingRubber bands; Living with someone, they do not do this from this favor, and when they leave, they do not say: you can not live with you! They forgive and noise, and cold, and overcooked meat, and witticisms, and the presence of strangers in their dwelling. "
  2. Compassion is not to beggars and cats alone. "They get sick from the soul and from what you do not see with your simple eye."
  3. Respect for someone else's property. "So they pay debts."
  4. Frankness and fear of lies as fire. "They do not lie even in trifles. Lying is offensive to the listener and vulgarizes the speaker in his eyes. They are not drawn, keep themselves on the street as well as at home, do not let dust into the eyes of the smaller brethren. They are not chatty and do not climb with franknesses when they are not asked. Out of respect for other people's ears they often remain silent. "
  5. Do not try to cause sympathy. "They do not play on the strings of other people's souls, so that in response they sigh and nurse with them. They do not say: they do not understand me! "
  6. Not fussy. "They are not occupied with such false diamonds as familiarity with celebrities, the delight of a counterman in salon'e, fame for porters."
  7. Respect for your talent. "They sacrifice for him peace, women, wine, vanity."
  8. Aesthetic. "They can not sleep in their clothes, see on the wallSlots with bedbugs, breathe cheesy air, walk on the matted floor, eat from the kerosene. They try to tame and ennoble the sexual instinct.

    Brought up in this respect is not so kitcheny. They do not need a woman from the bed, not horse sweat, not the mind, expressed in the ability to inflate a false pregnancy and lie without fatigue. They, especially artists, need freshness, grace, humanity.

    They do not crack like vodka, do not sniff the cabinets, because they know they are not pigs. They only drink when they are free, on occasion. "

Anton Pavlovitch of the Czechs believed that if Educate yourself Correctly, it is possible one fine morning to turn from a slave into a real person.

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