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Skin Care in Spring

Seasonal skin problems are familiar to every woman. still would! Winter cold, a piercing wind and avitaminosis Can not pass without a trace. The skin loses its protective barrier and becomes dry, rashes appear, often - peeling ...

Pleases that all these troubles are solved. Extra thorough care works wonders! Also pay attention to your food, because the health of the skin directly depends on what you eat. Carrots, nuts, greens, olive oil - products that take care of the attractive appearance of your skin from the inside.

Skin care spring

  1. Dull skin
    Dull skin signals that you are not drinking enough water. The first rule of skin healing is more fluid! Do not forget about washing with cool water, wipe the skin with ice slices every morning.

    Eat foods high in vitamin C, one lemon a day will help your skin to recover from the cold winter tests.

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  3. peeling
    Piercing wind and sudden changes in temperature winter took with them, but the consequences remained. The skin has lost the elasticity and began to be shelled? Do not worry, it can be fixed.

    Regularly apply scrubs, choose those in the compositionWhich include artificial abrasive components. A very useful spring procedure is peeling. Give preference to peelings with natural fruit acids and enzymes.

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  5. allergy
    Allergic reactions are very often manifested on the skin in the spring. Winter skin care products are time to change - their dense texture additionally irritates the vulnerable spring skin.

    Choose Tonal basis With moisturizing effect, do not overload the skin with greasyCreams. When buying a new product, check the skin reaction: if you are allergic to some component, reddening will appear in half an hour. It is better to choose cosmetics made from natural ingredients.

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  7. Loss of elasticity
    Insufficiently moisturized skin loses its elasticity. Choose a skin cream that contains hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, oils and antioxidants.

    With the arrival of spring and the appearance of bright solarRays to pay attention to protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation. To improve skin turgor is very useful cream with collagen, you can buy collagen in capsules and add it to a regular cream.

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  9. Acne
    Clogged pores - one of the reasons for the appearance of acne. Do not forget about thorough cleansing of the skin in the morning and in the evening, use Tonic After washing. Refuse the use of alcoholic lotions, it only hurts the skin even more. Even oily skin should be moisturized!

    Exclude from the diet of sweet and fatty foods, eat pumpkin seeds - the zinc contained in them will help prevent rashes.

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  11. Greasy shine
    Even dry skin, not prone to fat, can start to unpleasantly shine in the spring. So the skin adapts to new weather conditions.

    Use a complex powder with minerals to prevent gloss, always carry matting wipes with you.

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  13. pigmentation
    Not accustomed to the sun's rays, the skin reacts to them with brown and black specks.

    To avoid their appearance, use a cream with sun protection - spf at least 25. very well eliminates freckles and pigmentation cream, which contains retinol.


Spring vitamin deficiency is reflected not only inThe whole body - in shock. That you need to eat right, you already know. And in what state is your nervous system? Irritability, fatigue, drowsiness and sudden mood changes can not well affect the appearance of the skin.

Spring is the time to drink Calming herbal teas, Take a relaxing bath and a smaller oneTo load the head with obsessive thoughts. Try your best to remain calm and in a good mood, control your emotions. From this your appearance will inevitably improve!