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Unusual products

Now it's fashionable to be A healthy person, That is, to monitor yourself, not to abuse alcohol and not be dependent on tobacco. But I want so that excellent health became our constant companion.

To achieve this state will help 5 extraordinaryProducts that must be present in your diet. Because they are not just a variety of taste, but also will benefit your body.

healthy foods

  1. So, get acquainted: Porcine powder. Italian white mushroom - this is the spiciness. It has an excellent aroma and delicious taste. In the composition of Italian marinades for pork there is a powder of porcini.

    It is also added when extinguishing vegetables. This mushroom is rich in vitamins A and C, calcium and iron.

  2. Porcini

  3. Name of the second product - Yellow chili. Peruvians grow this vegetable specifically forAddition to fish dishes. If you cook salsa with mango and add a little yellow chili pepper, then the dish at the outlet will be an excellent gourmet dishwashing of the guests.

    This pepper contains a large amount of potassium, magnesium and iron. It is useful for people who have heart problems.

  4. Yellow pepper

  5. The third product is Grenadilla. Brazilian exotic fruit has a hard skin. To taste like a pomegranate and gooseberry. When cooking unusual fruit salads, add a little pulp of granadilla.

    This product is a source of valuable antioxidants and fiber. It protects the intestinal mucosa, Displays cholesterol And it improves digestion.

  6. Grenadilla

  7. The fourth product goes under the name Truffle salt. Salt of this kind is very unusual in taste and contains a huge amount of minerals. It differs from other varieties of salt in that it contains small particles of very valuable mushrooms - truffles.
  8. Truffle salt

  9. And for snacking the fifth product - Cheese manchego. Spanish cheese has a long shelf life. There is a special breed of sheep - mancheg, cheese from their milk is produced by hand and insists about sixty days.

    A product with a very rich flavor and incredibly charming aroma. In this cheese there are especially many amino acids and proteins that athletes need.

  10. Manchego

We hope that these products will become more accessible andFor us in the near future. In any case it is always interesting to learn and try something new. If you liked this article, do not forget to tell your friends about it!