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What men want from relationships

in any Women's magazine You can find a lot of articles about what women want, but the mystery remains what men crave for relationships. It's time to reveal all the cards and find out what men crave so much.

"so simple!" Prepared for you a list of seven things that are needed by a strong half of humanity. Read and Become the ideal For your beloved!

What men want from relationships

  1. Feel like your hero
    We do not want to be ordinary clans of cents, we need to feel like real supermen. We crave that beloved women believe that we are able to fly and catch bullets.

    We want to carry you all the time and are ready to show it to the whole world. If women allow us to feel invincible, we give them the feeling that they are the most beautiful on the planet.

  2. statement
    We get into all sorts of alterations, not because we are bad boys, but only because we have an inquisitive mind and a weak concentration of attention.

    So we must love in any case andConstantly remind about this, even when we forget that we are already adults. Unconditional support from a woman is what turns a little boy into a strong man. We will strive to become better only if you accept us as we are.

  3. Do not remain in ignorance
    Many women do not disclose to theirMen are all cards and do not show their feelings because of fear. Every time you do not speak out, you build walls in our relations with you, you do not give us the opportunity to learn about you the truth.

    And all couples should grow and become stronger by overcoming adversity together. No, we do not want you to have verbal diarrhea, but we sincerely want to know your inner world.

  4. Blinding sex
    It's not just good sex, it's uniqueA union with someone you dream about in your heart or for someone you leave from work in the guise of illness, to spend the whole day in bed, making love. It is such a connection that can not exist with anyone else.
  5. Word with the letter "к" - communication
    We do not understand hints and want you to speak directly. The ultimate clarity in the relationship is exactly what we need.

    We need an understandable instruction about what you want from us. Without the simplest communication, relations are built on the sand and do not cost anything.

  6. sweat
    For us there is nothing more sexual than playing sports with our beloved. We like to watch you sweat and work on your body with us. It's very sexy.
  7. Have one's own life
    Yes, we really want this, but no man will tell you, because it's very difficult to say that. This does not mean that we do not want you and your friends and hobbies.

    Of course, we want to support you in all your endeavors and be a part of important things for you, but we also want you to retain your individuality.


that's all. 7 simplest things that we need. Use these tips, and we will carry you in your arms and worship the rest of your life!