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How to remove fat from the abdomen with exercises

A small fatty layer on the abdomen often causes stress in the fair sex. Fat in the lower abdomen Spoils the figure. To this often leads to malnutrition, stress and lack of physical activity.

To remove excess fat - it is necessary first of all Healthy food. But no diet will not help without sports. We have selected for you the 4 best exercises that will help get rid of this problem. Perform every minimum of 15 times.

How to clean the abdomen with exercises


  1. Lie down on the floor, palm rest in the lock on the back of the head. Lift the even legs at an angle of 45 degrees.

    Then lift the right leg up, while the left one should be in the starting position. Then lower your right foot down and lift the left one.


  2. Stand in such a position as when performingExercise the bar on level hands (as with push-ups). Tear your foot off the floor and pull your knee to your chest, put it closer to your hands, then repeat the same movement with the other leg.
  3. Sit on the floor, hands should be behind your back, leaning against the floor. Quickly pull your knees to your chest.

    Movement occurs simultaneously, the body tends to the legs, and knees to the chest. Return to the starting position, legs straight, but do not put them on the floor. Watch your back, it should be even.

  4. Sit exactly on a chair, pull your stomach and straighten your legsParallel to the floor. Grip firmly on the edge of the chair. Pull your knees to your chest, then return to the starting position. The body can not be tilted, do not bend in the lower back. Make sure that the load is only on the press.

After performing each exercise you need to take the rope and jump at least 12-15 times.

These exercises will help you remove fat from the bottom of the abdomen. And always be in shape you can with the help of proper nutrition and Active lifestyle. Try not to succumb to stress, less worry and walk in the fresh air. Begin to improve today!

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