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Why you need to have sex every day

Sex plays an important role in our lives, no matter howIt was difficult to admit it. How do you cope with stress? For many people, it is enough to have a sincere conversation on the phone with your mom or a close friend to immediately feel better. Some want to eat something sweet, to immediately drown the melancholy and raise their level of happiness.

But the best way, which always gives a wonderful result - Having sex. It is sex that can change a statePerson instantly. This is an affordable and very natural drug, thanks to which even the most difficult life situation can be transferred steadfastly. Sex sets a person to positive: nature has taken care of a person as if it were no other living being on the planet. Because for us it is not only a way of reproduction, it is an easy way to a state of euphoria.

Why you need to have sex often

When sex is not enough for a person, it's rightIs felt. It does not matter who this unfortunate man or woman is. Dissatisfied with sexuality, the person becomes irritable, tense and negative. Often people are embarrassed to recognize this fact, and this is a serious problem of modern society - stiffness and obscurity in matters of sex. Life would be much easier and more fun, if everyone realized that for happiness you just have to have sex every day!

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Having sex Gives self-confidence even to the most insecureMan. It is a way of self-affirmation, to which there are no equal. After sex, people automatically have a sense of security, they understand what is needed for this world, that they are able to perform their main function, recorded deep in the subconscious, to continue the race.

In addition, sex gives a person confidence inOwn body, the acceptance of one's body. This is especially important for people who are overweight or for some reason consider themselves unattractive. Increasing his self-esteem through constant sex, a person becomes more successful in all spheres of life.

Sex increases immunity, lowers blood pressurePressure, reduces anxiety, strengthens the nervous system. Recent research scientists have proven that sex helps prevent many types of cancer and prolongs life. During sex the cardiovascular system is trained, muscles are strained - this is a good substitute for going to the gym. Active, healthy sex promotes a healthy lifestyle of a person. Why smoke, drink alcohol and take drugs when you feel great and so?

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Sex contributes to the development of creativeAbilities, this is an irrefutable fact. But there is a small point: only if the feelings are added to the usual physical act. Sex, combined with love, is a powerful source of inspiration and a stimulant of the brain. The level of creativity is much higher for those people who love their partner. A simple experiment with testing different pairs led scientists to such conclusions.

Random sex makes the human brain workIn the analytical mode, while sex with a loved one includes areas of the brain responsible for creativity. Creative people need a constant partner who will enable them to realize their sexual fantasies. Because really open to sex people with those with whom they feel spiritual intimacy.

Freedom, which you dream of, is always availableyou. With the help of sex, a person is freed from the yoke of reality, often hopeless. Sex, combined with love, helps to cope with life's problems in the best way. "I can do everything, I can do everything!" - that's what faith inspires in people constant quality sex with a sweet heart partner.

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