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Causes of kissing

Many people love kiss, But hardly think about how useful this is for the body. Kisses have a beneficial effect not only on health, but also raise the mood and increase efficiency.

We suggest that you find out, Why kissing is useful And give as many as 20 arguments in favor of this lesson. We hope that now you will have a desire to kiss your soul mate more often.

Why you should kiss

  1. Kiss Against Depression
    Scientists from Germany have proved that a kiss positively influences a person's mood. A morning kiss will help create a romantic mood for you all day. Pedantic Germans want to believe.
  2. Kiss is the best diet
    With a friendly kiss, consumes 5 calories. But a passionate kiss burns up to 30 calories!
  3. A kiss to enhance immunity
    Lovers kiss less often to doctors. This is due to the fact that during the kiss in our body neuropeptides are produced. They help to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.
  4. Energy kiss
    The Japanese in ancient times believed that a kiss benefits human health. It charges with positive energy.
  5. Optimistic kiss
    Psychologists from England conducted research and found out that those who kiss more often are convinced optimists, they are confident in their abilities. At work they are faster than others achieve success.
  6. A kiss against dental caries
    A long kiss normalizes the acidity in the mouth. A kiss reduces the risk of caries more than chewing gum.
  7. A kiss with adrenaline
    As a result of a kiss in the blood, the level of adrenaline rises, as well as when jumping with a parachute. Kisses contribute to physical and mental activity.
  8. Analgesic kiss
    A kiss can act as an analgesic, which is 200 times stronger than morphine. If you have something hurts, just kiss your soul mate.
  9. A kiss to end the quarrel
    A kiss can not only show your passion, but also fill the silence, and you can avoid quarreling and unpleasant explanations. "A kiss is the best way to stop the fountain of female eloquence"Wrote martty larni.
  10. Family kiss
    Many psychologists believe that a passionate kiss is a certain emotional surge, which is the best prevention of divorce.
  11. The guy and the girl are kissing

  12. Kiss prolongs life
    The scientists found out that those who kiss a lot live an average of five to seven years longer than those who do not.
  13. Kisses against allergies
    Japanese doctors claim that the kiss reduces the production of histamine in the body that causes hay fever.

  14. A kiss for heart health
    Kiss - an excellent training forCardiovascular system of a person. It is during a kiss that a person's pulse increases. So kissing contributes to the prevention of such a disease as vegetovascular dystonia, and disorders associated with blood circulation in the human body.
  15. Kisses against viruses
    Scientists from Australia have found the largest number of natural antibiotics in saliva. During a kiss they enter the body of another person and have an anti-inflammatory effect on it.
  16. A kiss increases the activity of the brain
    A long kiss increases the pulse of a person. As a result, blood flow improves, and oxygen enters the brain cells better. At the same time, mental processes are accelerated, concentration of attention is increased and it becomes even easier to remember information.
  17. A kiss for peace of mind
    A kiss is necessary for the peace of mind of any person. And women just need to kiss in order to feel the harmony between the inner and outer world.
  18. Kisses for lung health
    Kisses can prevent differentLung disease. During a kiss our lungs start much more efficiently and work faster. Instead of the usual 20 breaths per minute, a person, kissing, does 60.
  19. Kisses Against Wrinkles
    A kiss activates from 29 to 34 facial muscles, many of which can not be used in any other way. Such a face-lift serves as an excellent way to prevent wrinkles.
  20. A kiss for raising incomes
    Sociological surveys showed that men who kiss their wives every day before going to work have a higher income than those who do not.
  21. Kiss and feelings
    A kiss is the best way to express one's attitude towards another person. So if you want to confess your love, kiss your chosen one. And do not need any words. "A kiss is when two souls meet each other with the tips of their lips"Wrote the Goethe.

A kiss is a rose, give it only to those who deserve it. We hope that these 20 facts will breed in you the desire to kiss more often.

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