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Garlic tincture

Garlic is glorified in many articles on our site, but today I managed to learn something new about this famous product. Turns out, garlic helps to lose weight and is a powerful cancer prevention!

Garlic tincture on alcohol Will help get rid of parasites in the body,Rejuvenate the blood vessels, relieve the excess cholesterol, accelerate the metabolism! But one obligatory rule must be observed to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect ...

Garlic tincture photo

Garlic tincture


  • 200 g of alcohol
  • 200 g of purified crushed garlic

Garlic tincture


  1. An important point: Before crushing garlic, remove the core from the denticles, if it is rough and noticeable. Young garlic can not be subjected to such a procedure. The core should be removed to protect the infusion, because the old core of garlic can have a bad effect on the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
    Garlic tincture for blood vessels
  2. Fill the garlic mass with alcohol. Give the mixture to infuse for about 10 days, then strain it and store it in a dark place.
    Garlic tincture recipe

How to take garlic tincture

Divorce 10 drops of garlic tincture in 5 tbsp. L. Cold milk. Drink an elixir of health 20 minutes before a meal. Should be done 2 times a day for 2 weeks, then take a break for 2 weeks and repeat the two-week course again. The effect is incredible!

In a week you will notice how muchThe digestive processes have improved - no heaviness in the stomach after eating. Possible weight loss! As a result of the purification of the vessels, chronic headaches will disappear, and sleep will also normalize. Positively affects the reception of garlic tinctures also on the skin condition, it is much faster updated, becomes taut, defects disappear!

There are no contraindications for taking this medication. Diluted in milk, the tincture of garlic is completely safe for the stomach, in addition, we removed the core of garlic, which could be harmful.

By the way, the core of already sprouted, old garlic is recommended to be removed before eating garlic in food: then The smell of garlic Will not be so caustic and quickly disappear! Also very useful and need to eat roasted garlic.

this Garlic tincture recipe - a real treasure, which I want to share with friends! I will not waste time, I'll go make a potion.