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What the iPhone does

popular Smartphone apple iphone It's a device that has a lot ofVarious functions, and many of them are not known to most users. Iphone has long ceased to be just a means of communication. With each new generation there are more and more opportunities for its use. And many of these functions are very useful.

"so simple!" Prepared for you the necessary information about 15 different tricks that this fashionable smartphone can do.

Iphone functions

  1. Undo text entered
    If you typed a typo when typing a message, then just shake the iphone, and then select the desired action from the menu that opens.
    Iphone functions
  2. Fast charging iphone
    For those who are constantly in a hurry and do not have timeCharge your iphone, there is a simple trick. Turn on the mode "in the plane". The smartphone will be charged twice as fast as usual. But there is a minus. In this case, the cellular communication module and wi-fi will automatically turn off.
    Iphone functions
  3. Listen to emails using siri
    Siri - voice assistant, who knows how to voiceGive answers to questions asked in free form, remind of events, recommend restaurants and much more. Siri also allows you to control your phone voice. For example, you can write sms messages, write to twitter and facebook, put an alarm clock or plan events in the calendar, just saying all this.

    Apple released the other day ios 8.3 with the Russian version of siri. After installing the update, change the settings of the siri voice assistant language. And your smartphone will begin to understand Russian speech. If you are not going to update yet, you can use the version in English. It works more qualitatively.

    Ask siri to read the mail, and she will do it. Before reading the letter siri will read out the sender's name, date, time and subject. With this trick you can save your time by listening to mail on the way to work.

    Iphone functions

  4. Timer for music
    If you like listening to music before going to bed andFall asleep with headphones in your ears, then just set the timer and the music application will turn off at the right time. This menu item is at the very bottom of the timer settings.
    Iphone functions
  5. Scrolling video at different speeds
    If the movie was not very good, but the ending is still of interest to you, then use the function of accelerated scrolling. With its help you can easily find the right moment of the film.
    Iphone functions
  6. Plug in headphones and make a photo
    And did you know that you can make a photo using a headset? This is useful to you, if you take pictures on an iphone, mounted on a tripod.
    Iphone functions
  7. One-shot photo shoot
    If you hold the shutter button while shooting, the iphone will quickly take one photo after another in automatic mode. This is useful for you when shooting moving objects.
    Iphone functions
  8. Find out the time of messages
    This gadget does not display the sending time andReceive messages. But if you need to know it, then in the chat you can move the text bubbles with your finger on the main screen to the left. And you will know the time when a message was received or sent.
    Iphone functions
  9. Iphone as a level
    If you need, for example, to hang on the wallFrame for the photo, then you will be helped by the iphone. In the "compass" application, slide your finger to the left on the main screen, and the smartphone will turn into a level with a deft hand gesture.
    Iphone functions
  10. Do not skip notifications
    It happens that you can not hear the phone ringing. Because of this, people miss important notices, even if the iphone is near. You can simply set up your smartphone so that its LED flash flashes every time a new notification appears. For this go into the "parameters" - "general" - "access" and scroll down to the point that activates the alerts with the flash.
    Iphone functions
  11. Simple end of sentence
    When you print the text, after the sentence ends, double-click on the space bar. Iphone will automatically put a period and indent. Very convenient and instantly remembered.
    Iphone functions
  12. Quick choice of a domain name
    When you need to type the address of the site, then afterIts name does not need to enter the domain name manually. Just click on the point and before you will appear the panel with the most common domain names of the first level (net, us, рф and so on).
    Iphone functions
  13. Access to projects from mail
    If you press and hold in the mail applicationFinger 3-5 seconds on the "new letter" icon in the lower right corner of the screen, you can quickly go to the list of projects. A very important thing for people who use a smartphone to work.
    Iphone functions
  14. Adjustment of vibration mode
    Different vibrating modes for different contacts andTypes of notifications. Just go through the "settings" - "sounds" - "ringtone" - "vibration" - "new vibration". The system offers seven different work patterns, but the user can create his own unique mode. So you can feel by touch why you have a phone vibrating.
    Iphone functions
  15. Password with letters to lock the screen
    To unlock iphone requestsFour-digit password. But if you want to be unraveled, you can also make a password from letters. Go into the "settings" - "general" - "password protection" and turn off the "simple password" function.
    Iphone functions

We hope that these 15 tricks were useful for you! Use your gadget for 100%.

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