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How to grow apple from seed

Grow your own apple tree - the dream of any gardener. Enthusiastic gardeners know the value of a tree planted with their own hands. But even those who are very far from working on the ground will be delighted with how easy it is to grow a huge tree from a tiny seed. Wonders of nature in reality ...

If you have never planted a tree, thisIn the spring there is an excellent chance to correct! And those who can not even imagine themselves in the image of a gardener, it will be interesting to know how the birth of a full-fledged plant from such a small seed ...

Apple tree

How to grow an apple tree

You will need

  • an Apple
  • compost
  • Pots or boxes
  • paper towel
  • plastic bag
  • knife

Cut the apple and get the seeds. Seeds must be germinated before planting in the ground. To start wash the seeds under running water to remove substances that can interfere with the emergence of seeds. Soak the seeds in the water, hold them there for three days, not forgetting to change the water every day.

The next stage is hardening in the refrigerator. Wrap the seeds in a paper towel, moisten it and place it in a plastic bag. Then put the package in the refrigerator. Sprouting seeds will take about a month. Check them from time to time, do not dry them, add water as needed.

As soon as the seeds in the fridge germinate, theirCan be safely planted in boxes. At the bottom of the box, mound the drainage, top - nutrient soil. Planting seeds, put the boxes in a well-lit place. Will soon appear Small seedlings, But not all of them are suitable for planting in the soil. Only the most neat plants with wide and symmetrical leaves should be planted with the hope of a good result - the fruit of the tree will be tasty if the plant looks strong. Discard unnecessary seedlings and do planting for your own pleasure!

How to grow an apple tree

I can not believe that such a microscopic seed can grow a whole tree ...

How to grow an apple tree

The more seedlings you plant, the more likely that you will be able to grow a beautiful Apple tree!!

Apple trees in pots

Tell your friends about what you need to do if you really want to. to plant a tree. It's much easier than building a house or raising a son ...