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How to defeat apathy

Enthusiastic people know what apathy is,More than others. Because those who are accustomed to enjoying every moment of their lives, it is doubly harder to endure periods when this very life does not bring the desired joy and satisfaction ... nothing surprising: tough Stress And the frantic rhythm of events often become the causes of depression and her friend - apathy.

A person who is observed Apathetic state, Does not want anything, does anything withHuge willful efforts and becomes indifferent to everything that happens to him. Such indifference and detachment is dangerous! If the condition is delayed for a long period, a person becomes prone to suicide. Dispassionately cut off his own life for a man whose soul has long and hopelessly been sick with apathy - a trifling matter.

Apathy is characteristic of a society in which the culture of consumption is cultivated. Consuming more and more different goods, a person gets used to them. All boring. Feeling of satiety leads to Indifference, Apathy is when it makes you sick. Not only at the physical level, with drinking or after a very plentiful lunch ...

Nausea can be of a different kind, Spiritual nausea - a phenomenon more unpleasant than poisoning the body with toxins. Because with the body you can quickly resolve all the issues, throw up your pills and live on. But how to cope with spiritual weakness?

How to defeat apathy

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If you notice a detached, decadent state close to despair and depression, listen even more attentively to what is happening inside of you. A sickness of the spirit - An alarming symptom, after such an oppressed condition, a serious physical illness can follow, unpleasant events will be attracted to your life like a magnet ...

Cease to be dependent on this state. Apathy is dependence, it is the lot of people who are used to taking more than giving. Of course, apathic disorders can indicate serious organic Damage to the nervous system, A check with a doctor will never be superfluous. But if you understand that schizophrenia is definitely not your diagnosis, you can defeat apathy very, very easily!

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First, ask yourself a few questions. That today I did good for myself? That today I did good for others? Why am I now in this place, at this time and exactly what I am? These questions will immediately clarify your situation. Often apathy appears due to a lack of good deeds. Your body declares with a couple of souls: man, you do not bring anything good into this world, you just take. Is not it time for you to self-destruct?

Try to do something trulyWonderful! It can be a mere trifle. Give way to a queue for some person, meet him, talk. Just give something to a homeless person. Indifference disappears! Oh, what an explosion of emotions you will outlive after seeing the joy on someone else's face ...

Although with relatives it also works. Please mother, no matter how old she was, with a drawing, her favorite dish, a small gift. Remember how you did it in childhood? Make your child a fascinating adventure, go with him to a place where you have never been. Make peace with a friend who takes offense at you for many years. Only by giving, a person can be happy. Your apathy will cease to visit you as soon as you learn Give one's energy to others, Donated for free.


«In thunderstorms, storms, in everyday life, with heavy losses and when you are sad, seem smiling and simple - the highest in the world art". Try to break the state of sadness and oppression with one good deed, it will retreat immediately!

Share this secret with your friends. Among them there are a lot of those for whom apathy is a common thing ...