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This is not taught in a driving school

Driving schools are very important in the process of mastering all The subtleties of driving a car, And, of course, everything that is said there - is very necessary. But there are things that you will not be explained even in a driving school, and their knowledge can save your life more than once. "so simple!" Collected 12 tips that every driver must know in order not to get into an accident.

Tips for drivers

  1. Animals or obstacles in the form of wheels, bags orOther items - a frequent phenomenon on the roads. At the moments when they appear on your path, you need to keep cool. Before trying to save a living being, think about whether you will hit several pillars along the way, a neighboring car or a pedestrian on the roadside.
  2. There is nothing to hope for a system of exchange rate stabilization during the rain. If a breakdown occurs, and you swim, the system will not help you, because she just does not understand what's going on.
  3. Be extremely attentive when passingLong turns on the inner radius (for the oncoming cars it will be external), because if the oncoming car starts to enter, then most likely, it will fly not to the ditch, but to your forehead.
  4. If you stand on the left turn and missCounter car, do not hurry to immediately turn the steering wheel to the left. One blow from the rear, and you will not miss the oncoming car that you missed. Keep the steering wheel straight.
  5. If you left the roadside or a snow parapetOn the left (for example, near the dividing line in the avenue) or on the right (roadside) - do not succumb to the instinct to turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction. The dead grip of the rudder, without changing the position of the foot on the accelerator, compensate for the drift to the side. Auto will lose speed and will return to the road.
  6. If you see that the car on the oncoming lane does not have time to complete the overtaking, it is better to turn on the right turn signal in advance and press to the side. Try not to blink the headlights so that the driver does not get confused.
  7. If your car started to take, do not fuss,Act firmly and smoothly, because the process of skidding does not develop instantly and accordingly does not like sharp and convulsive movements. A desperate situation is only one - it is a skid on the front drive on the descent, otherwise everything can be corrected.
  8. You fly on the left row, and on the right all stand or slowly go? Then you'd better slow down, otherwise the pedestrian left behind by cars can get under your wheels.
  9. Always think over a backup option. For example, if you doubt overtaking, lean a little on the counter and drag yourself from behind, until you are 100% sure that you can go for overtaking. If, however, you can not overtake, you can return to your lane.
  10. If the machine "anti-bug" is not tied with one buttonWith the system of exchange rate stabilization, then turn it off. It is always harmful (on a mono drive). Especially if you are going to slip from the sharp start of the intersection, the start will not be so sharp.
  11. Making a chess overtaking and wedging in the stream,Reduce the speed on the oncoming lane. One of the most common mistakes is when, ahead of the column at a significant speed, the driver, seeing that he does not have time, begins to wedge into its lane and simultaneously strongly brake.
  12. The cause of most of the crashes is speed. There is no accident, which can not be said: "Damn, I would go a little slower, and nothing would be!"

Advice to drivers

Be careful on the road, and then you will not be afraid of any Accidents. If you have many friends who drive cars, tell them about these useful tips!