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Harm to carbonated drinks

Many people know that carbonated drinks are very harmful to the body, but they do not even represent how much. High sugar content In them gives the body a fast burst of energy and euphoria. So they want to drink again and again ...

But the use of these drinks has serious consequences. Let's consider, How soda affects the human body.

The negative effect of soda on the body


  1. brain
    Soda with high sugar content provokes Slowing the brain And affects a number of neurological processes,Especially for memory. Numerous studies have shown that the use of carbonated beverages changes the structure of more than a hundred proteins that make up the nervous tissue of the brain. Similar changes occur in neurons in Alzheimer's disease.
  2. a heart
    A person who drinks soda every day,Is at risk of developing cardiovascular diseases three times. According to the authors of the study, the cause of this effect is sugar, which is contained in the drink in large quantities. Constant use of soda affects blood pressure and cardiac function, also increases the risk of heart attack by 20%.
  3. lungs
    Scientists associate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with the abuse of carbonated beverages.
  4. teeth
    Sweet carbonated drinks destroy tooth enamel, which eventually leads to Caries. They also reduce ph saliva and provoke bacterial proliferation and tooth decay. Diet drinks are no exception.
  5. bones
    Carbonation causes destruction of bones and reduces themdensity. Scientists from Germany have proved that caffeine-containing beverages harm the skeleton. In the bones of people who often drink sweet non-alcoholic drinks, a reduced content of mineral substances that strengthen the skeleton is observed.
  6. Reproductive organs
    Some carbonated beverages contain bisphenol a, which is A carcinogen. It is also associated with premature puberty and infertility.

Also carbonated drinks cause obesity, diabetes, increase the chance of kidney failure, exacerbate bladder infections and so on. Get rid of bad habits Drink soda, Take care of your health.

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